B1053Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 at 8:45am

Amie cleaned out her bottomless pit purse...Guess how much change this is.... The person closest to the actual amount win $20 Annie Pearls, dinner for two at BLUE PLATE and a pair of the POLLARD & Dave Coffee Club Mugs! We will announce the winner...

B1053 CONGRATULATIONS TO @phyllis givens! She got closest! We announced her before we left this morning......Amie had $10.47 and Phyllis guessed $10.43..... Thank you all for playing!!
B1053 No more comments PLEASE.....
B1053 Phyllis givens won!
Pam Jackson Can ya post the winner name on here
Ashley Miller Henderson Patricia Trish Gambrell had a guess of 10.45 how did the other lady win with her guess of 10.43? Didnt the rules state the guess that is closest to the amount..
Phyllis B Givens I will be by there probably Friday morning to pick up my prizes
Phyllis B Givens $10.43
Spenser Peters I'll pull the ol price is right and go 8.01$ bob lol
Kimberly Blue $6.46
Dusti Whitehead &7.72
Hope Holland Adkins $7.89
Patricia Trish Gambrell 10.45
Lindsey Goodman 27.80
Brandon Hudson $8.32
Marilyn Kelley Harris B1053 phyllis givens won it was $10.47
Amber Shealy 7.48
Amy Geddings $10.53
Brandon Haag $6.17
Jessica Warren 12.36
Tia Dyer Nolan Who was the winner? Well what was actual amount?
Amanda Lynn Albright $8.78
Debbie Givens Culbreth $13.17
Amy Carroll $10.55
Carl Williams 10.15
Amy Phillips White $6.42