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Fox NewsWednesday, March 29th, 2017 at 12:00am

The Trump administration sent Attorney General Jeff Sessions to deliver a blunt message Monday to so-called "sanctuary" cities: Continue to defy federal immigration policy and you'll take a big hit in the wallet.

Shanish Ujoodha He is corrupt and paid by the muslim brotherhood..Trump needs to investigate Bill de Blasio! Stop showing weaknesses and pacifying with the corrupt Gop & Paul Ryan.. No compassion for TRAITORS!
Dan Crum Gonna be interesting when they butt up on the Constitution on it. You can demand all you want, but it doesn't change the law.
Carlos Ocampo First. I think they need to arrest the employer who hire illegal immigrants
Stefanie Peterson Cut their funding, they will eventually give it up.. maybe sue the mayor's and politicians when someone they protected hurts a law abiding citizen
Vik Roz If you support sanctuary cities, you aren't patriotic. Why should we protect illegals???
Andrew Futey Snowflakes everywhere are melting because an adult finally in charge!
Oliver Yowell And start putting these city and county officials in jail. Also, obamas doj felt justified to run herd on police departments for various things how about the current doj doing the same thing.
Blazo Billy LOL...These sanctuary cities/county's/state's will continue with tough talk. UNTIL state/fed funds dry up and services are cut and then talk of raising state/county/city property,sales, income taxes etc. Fyi 1980ish Reagan threatened the states raise the drinking age to 21 or lose federal highway funds...Hang Tuf...LoL...
Beto Delgado I want to know how many white folk are heading to the fields to pick fruit and vegetables. Good working conditions and high pay!!! Big opportunity white folks! Post your selfie doing that easy work.
Jerry Temple If you stop funds. They will move to another city. Arrest the Mayor for treason and refusing to take a direct order from the untied state's commander and chief. Quit playing around. No changes. No breaks. Arrest this Mayor for treason
Sam Mohajerin ICE shot a legal resident during a raid, but you don't see any of these hillbillies condemning that, but if it was the other way around they would all be so worked up!
Karol Scott Trump is overreaching again. Immigration policy is up to the Congress and they would have to vote to eliminate funding to what he refers to as Sanctuary Cities.
Mireya Zimmerman now these sanctuary anarchist officials are whining that this action will hurt the Citizens. the hypocrisy of that statement is lost on them.
Craig Davidson I remember Pres Obama directing federal school dollars be held for not following his transgender bathroom order.....
Amber Bizelli There should be NO sanctuary cities and DACA should be abolished!
Matt Dowdrick Well , Melinia might be moving a little sooner than thought , NY city will pull the cops from the streets around T-Rump Tower.
Glenda Spivey Bet ya we (GOP) caves in. Seems like we can't stick to our pun intended.
James Lightner DOJ grant money can be distributed solely at the discretion of the DOJ. So there is no Constitutional conflict. Suck it up.
Singh Dharminder People writes comments faster than a digital machine of fuel pump ⛽⛽⛽⛽
Chris Parker I got North Carolina in the NCAA Championship basketball
Jim Batchelor Citizens don't get passes. You don't see sanctuary cities for federal taxes or that grant immunity to machine gun laws.
Bruce Drury stop talking about and do it. then the cities will figer it out
Walt Bundy Good luck with that. Clawing those funds back takes an act of congress. Literally. Because congress appropriated those funds and the U.S. Constitution gives congress the purse strings.
Alphonse Louis Ag Sessions was sent by the American people
Gus Pansegrau Start packing, don't let the door hit ya on the way out of this country!
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Fox NewsTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 11:40pm

The suspected getaway driver, 21-year-old Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, was booked in jail on three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of first-degree burglary.

Justin Williamson LOL How do you feel right about now? Live with it. Homeowner wiped 3 criminals out all at once and not a dime from taxpayers was wasted.
Zane Mauck Good outcome though. Three dead burglers, one being charged with the others deaths and the burglary. Home owner and family are safe. This is why America needs guns.
Alex Castellanos A law needs to be passed federally where if your houses is broken into you can defend it without any charges being made...the article stated charges may be added wtf???
Sean Kiphart Not saying she's completely innocent, but why does she get 3 counts of first degree murder? Cause she drove the getaway car?
Warren Caudle another solid-class "citizen". she will be fortunate to not be fried. that, for you left-wing socialists, is the needle.
Natalie Deaton-Kiser Glad the homeowners were not injured! I hope this story spreads so others will think twice before committing a burglary! No innocent people were injured, case closed! 👌🏼👍🏼
Alex Matthews How the hell does the getaway driver get charged with 3 counts of murder when the people committing the crime were the ones who were murdered! This is such a stretch and reach on prosecutions side. Unbelievable. If you don't charge the shooter for standing his ground thats fine. But charging this woman with 3 counts of murder is absurd
Sara Leiter If anyone breaks into your home they aren't there for a tea party! They are there so hurt or kill you! Kill or be killed!!! I'll kill before someone kills me or my family. Rape etc don't mess with people in their homes!
Bry Maz Let's count to 100,000,000: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 ... ..... Just kidding ... you started scrolling faster than Usain Bolt running lol.
Eric Geesey I'm guessing that we'll soon be hearing about how the three deceased "youths" were pushed to committing this B&E by their white-mexican girltoy after this revelation.
Harry Q Mikros Younger folks on here, you can learn something from these fools horrible mistake. Stay in school or find any job til something better comes along can prevent incidents like this.
Toni Tervonen Someone drives a car and gets felony murder charges. Someone shoots 3 people and is consired a hero. Theres something messed up in your legal system. I would understand if she get armed burglary charges but how sitting in car makes you a murderer? Because the shooter wasnt her partners in crime so how she get charges and the shooter dont? Was it a murder or not.
Alfred Villalobos Dear Homely: First, apparently you were screwed from birth genetically, but now you have pretty much sealed your fate, so pray and be prepared to meet your maker. RIP!!!!!! Dont commit felonies in a way that causes death and you wont have to worry about this stuff.
Jason King These criminals take a real chance when they do what they do .. Most of the time they take what they want untested but 1 out of 100 times there will be someone there waiting and ready to attack and if this is your intent to take from hard working people you have to be ready, they were not and paid the ultimate price.
Kurt Van Luven Ms. Rodriguez We appreciate your interest in Uber, however we currently have no position open for "getaway driver". Good luck with your job search. Sincerely, Travis Kalanick, CEO
Jamie Meloche She's a criminal yes, made a bad decision yes, but murder by association in certain circumstances (like this) is ridiculous...this is one reason why 1%of your population is in jail....the highest by far of any free country on earth....but yet people say harsh sentences act as a's that working out for ya....grow up America, education and rehabilitation work better....yes punish severely those who comitt heinous crimes but non career criminals who don't comitt a violent crime deserve a second chance after they get out....this girl should get 5 to 10 max
Gomez Gabriel Wait.... she was driving the getaway car and turned herself in. Now she's facing murder charges, sounds like a bit much. What I wanna know is if the home owner shot anyone in the back while they were trying to get away. If so then maybe there's a whole different situation that might come out of this.
Terry Delva Herron A getaway driver won't get squat. The "poor girl" was "taken advantage of" and "psychologically abused" into helping. An otherwise law-abiding homeowner should NEVER be prosecuted for shooting or killing an invader INSIDE their home that is a threat to family or property.
Frank WL Nichols A family friend defended his house that way. All they did was temporarily take his gun for evidence. He got it back and no charges were filed. The family even tried to sue and got shut down by the police. This was in the same state (Oklahoma) as the case in the article
Mdu Luthuli Sad story, these young people made a mistake and at least the one left should be given a chance to learn from it. I don't think the judge should through away the key.
Tina Powers She should be charged with murder bc she knew before she even went that something bad could have happened during the burglary. She took that chance and something did happen.
Rachana Thapa Unlike movies getaway driver here is girl 😂😂😂 looking at you, looks like you could barely run. no wonder why you picked car 😝
Cristo DeCristofaro 🤔...I have a feeling that is the States Attorney is a Socialist Democrat, he/she is gonna charge the son with something because a "military assault rifle" was used to kill these POS. The report does say "the son did give the sheriff a voluntary statement but additional charges may be added."
Alvarado Juan As happy as I am that she's going to jail, charging her with murder isn't going to fly. She's going to be able to cop out and take a plea deal for the burglary charges.
Pamela Krzemien Gori If the occupants were murdered and they all got away with it, wouldn't you consider her one of the team? As a get away driver she had an 100% indelible part in placing these 3 bums in the situation that led to their deaths. She caused it to happen. Feel different? Then become one of her cheer leader penpals, while she rots in prison.
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Fox News added 3 new photos.Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 11:20pm

Fighting ISIS: These United States Air Force photos show U.S. and French aircraft refueling in midair during an Operation Inherent Resolve mission in Iraq last week. U.S. and coalition aircraft can use the U.S. Air Force KC-10 Extender to refuel while supporting Iraqi Security Forces and partnered forces, as they work to liberate territory under the control of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

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Fox NewsTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 11:00pm

Republican Rep. Walter Jones is calling for Chairman Devin Nunes to step aside in the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence's investigation into Russia.

Thomas Debaillon Ok the GOP better get their crap straight. I am tired of hearing about the back and forth between members. YOU GUYS WON, NOW ACT LIKE LEADERS!!!
Carroll Vick Rep. Nunes, NEVER STEP ASIDE, you have done nothing wrong. We are proud of you telling us the TRUTH, something we have not had for EIGHT LONG YEARS. STAND YOUR GROUND, we are with you 100%.
Michelle Woodward That's exactly what should not happen! The Dems wouldn't be going so nuts if Nunes wasn't finding stuff! Other GOP need to keep their comments to themselves! Get some backbone!
Vik Roz The left loves to sweep things under the rug, don't they? Rep. Nunes did his job, and now he must step aside? In your wildest dreams, country crushers!
Charles Leggett Again I say it, Republicans always find a way to lose. All this in fighting will cause them to lose the majority in the Senate next year. The GOP can't even agree with itself any more
Zeke Garvey well, the democrats hate Nunes because he is so effective... the GOP hates him because..... the truth is starting to come out and GOP doesn't want to be caught on the wrong side AGAIn
John Castillo The real leaders of the House, Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy said Nunez isn't getting replaced and they don't take advice from Sen Schumer. This guy Jones needs to get his act together.
Paul Forster Jr. Walter jones,...whoever the hell you are, you will be voted out, unless you shut your piehole! Stand behind your party before we assume you are a globalist Democrat!
Bob McHugh Take a good look and write down the names - these People, Republican or Democrat who are opposing the truth coming out are either People that they have dirt on, RINO's on the Right, or just plain un-American on the Left. You don't need to like Trump to wish our country well - these People? They are hoping for holes in the boat, and if someone Else won't drill them, they will. And if it's a truth? They will spin it until it's unrecognizable.
Kathy Whitman Tomlinson Any republican going against nunes is corrupt and part of the problem. We have someone actually doing their job. He must be getting close to something or they wouldn't be so scared. Hillary destroyed phones.. Deleted emails and has a long list of shady activity... I'm tired of the Republican Party backing down.
Robert Slattery How many Democrats asked Lynch to step aside? Clinton? Torricelli? Menendez? Reid? Jefferson? Why must Republicans continue to eat their own? What part of the 11th commandment do these morons not understand? If he were a criminal, I'd understand. This is ridiculous.
Ronald K Ingersoll Then we need to make certain Rep. Walter Jones becomes the first Republican to get voted out of office next election cycle. Is he a Republican who is interested in justice or a RINO who has just showed his real colors? Nunes has done this country a great favor at some considerable risk to himself--STAND FAST WITH THIS GUY--HE'S ONE OF THE GOOD ONES!
Michael Waddick Nunes is so effective the democrats are asking him to step down for nothing he has done wrong. He hasn't done anything illegal and yet the democrats break every law known to man and they think nothing of it. Whoever Walter Jones is has no discernment at all and must be a gullible idiot. Seriously Nunes has discovered that the Obama administration has in fact run surveillance on the Trump campaign and if this truth goes public the democrats plot to dethrone President Trump will be completely destroyed. This is the only reason Adam Schiff the most partisan member of the Russia probe is irate with Nunes, because he just exposed the fact the democrats are both lying and covering up which is what they always do.
Charlie Inderman At least one Republican is siding with country over party, and I suspect there will be more tomorrow. These are the true Patriots. Funny how this story has been out for since this afternoon and Fox puts it out on their sites after the majority of their older viewership has gone to bed...
Kevin Burkett the swamp in DC is kicking their heels at the evidence nunes has, why else do you think he went straight to the president and the public with it? Glad to see he's not willing to back down to threats
Mason Michael James Mazzoni There is no Russian anything it is all bs from the left butthurt over the loss. The so called Russian server Trump secretly used for white collar crime which has been disproved is still be used by left wing liberals in House and Senate. The people who think Russia is a criminal master mind clearly have never been to Russia. They are generations behind the US when it comes to technology. But when it comes to illegal influence the DNC knows all about that when it comes to Communist China money that flowed into their bank accounts for 8 years.
Sheila Flanel Laney DON"T you go anywhere, Nunes! Stand up to the losers who are trying to bring this Country down....Demoncraps and Republicans alike!
Shannon Boyce Wow what are these guys afraid we're going to find out? We all know the Democrats worked overtime to beat Trump, but as I recall he had virtually no support from established Republicans. Is he afraid his dirty laundry is about to be aired?
Joie Kobak Sick and tired of Republicans caving at every little thing.... NUNES needs to stay right where he is ... most Republicans are on the " other team" these days... they are really being exposed .... Stand firm Nunes ‼️‼️‼️
Donna Niebling Some events happening in Washington continue to reveal those that are obviously biased towards our President....Glad their being by one in the Republican Party also.....
Boyd Allen There was an obvious reason for Nunes keeping this information to himself until he determined that it was the right time to go public. It goes to sources and methods. Reveal too much and you ruin the career of one or more whistle blowers, and you make sure that no others will come forward, both of which would be fine with both the regulars of both parties, who are trying to control the discussion is such a way that Trump is discredited. The other issue is the porosity of our government, especially congress. If he had let the rest of the committee in on this it would not have taken 24 hours for it to make its way into the press, complete with the identity of the source.He did the right thing for the right reasons. The so called republican who called for his resignation is either ignorant, naive, stupid, or some combination.
Karen Wells Shame on you Jones! The Dem leadership is calling out everyone for everything Republican to keep the focus off of the truth! Support your party and your president!
Helen Jaimes why didn't you ask for Loretta Lynch to step down? or are you getting paid now to keep hiding the corruption? afraid you might get caught with the other dirty politicians? which is it? pedophilia or racketeering? morons. f.u.
Laura Tagscherer Stay strong Devin. Good WILL prevail over evil. There's a whole lot of evil in this country and they're all working their little claws & hooves to the bone trying to spur hate, chaos, and distractions from their own sins. Be true to yourself and know you are doing what is right & just!
Jim Hopson All this is, is the Dumbocrats trying to slow down and deflect the facts away from the truth. Just like they always do. Either come up with something or get on with the business of running this country. There's a hell of a lot of bigger problems that rehashing this crap over and over.
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Fox NewsTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 10:30pm

WATCH President Donald J. Trump make remarks during a listening session he held with the Fraternal Order of Police on Tuesday.

Davie Neilson The police all over the country must be so relieved to have a leader that cares about their safety and ability to do their job!
Evelyn Ortiz That's what CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS will NEVER report. They are stuck and fixed with the so call Russian connection.
Lorna Seely-Dudenhoeffer Love my President Trump and company..... thankful he loves America and her citizens..... keep working and erasing the former resident 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Paula Smieja I give him credit for bringing people of many disciplines and listening to their concerns. Never seen that before with this frequency.
Jerry Balkenbush Well, he did get to pretend to drive a semi truck, so the week was sort of AWESOME! Next week it's gonna be a Choo-Choo !
Mike Gruenfeld Trump is easily outclassed by every one of these men!! From Gallup "President Donald Trump's job approval rating fell to 36% for the three-day period of March 24-26, following Republican House leaders' failed effort to pass a new healthcare bill that would have replaced the Affordable Care Act."
Chance Perkins “You can’t con people, at least not for long. You can create excitement, you can do wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw in a little hyperbole. But if you don’t deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on.” - Donald Trump - “Trump: The Art of the Deal”
Anne McMonagle Fox let's just get this over with and have the Civil War. I mean it's getting ridiculous at this point… We would have the police, firefighters, EMTs and great veterans on our side. We need to focus on the world. There is no time for radical liberal agenda and hate!
Aaron Ahrens Clinton talk to the people she says are helping to kill America (Business Professionals of CA) while Trump recognizes people who he knows keeps America safe and protected. Part of the reason why he won.
Orly Carrillo Wall Street no longer believes President Trump's agenda is a slam dunk. The Dow fell on Monday for the eighth day in a row, its longest losing streak since 2011.
Earla Watson These negative comments are so disgusting, the man is a human being and has done more that Obama had the sense to do . It was ok for Obama to play golf and take elaborate vacs ; but Trump can't play on his own course or travel to his home in Fla. I am so sick of this double standard ____!!!! If you don't like him keep your stupid comments to yourself . He is working for ALL. THE People. Which means you Trump haters will reap the benefits of his accomplishments which is disgraceful.
Joey Fenneman This man couldn't have come at a better time finally a president with personality and charisma who actually backs up what he says #imwithhim
Jim Kerr I like Trump, mostly, everthing he does he does respectful and with Americas interest put first. We need that. I miss that . But....his dang twitter rants make us all look bad. Honesty is cool, but,..he needs to use twitter for positive thinking...too much drama...makes us all look crazy and in chaos to the world veiw.
Michael Perry What a wonderful man and president! This will be the greatest 8 years we have seen in decades
Lori Crawford Crybaby ❄️❄️❄️'s wake up and be thankful that he is cleaning up, Gonna drain the swamp, and most of all... MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN🇺🇸
David Sven Carlson I've never seen someone talk so much and say so little. The reason he can't stop talking about his win, and the reason he can't stop campaigning, is because he knows he will soon be impeached by his own party. This narcissistic man child is an embarrassment to his family and the USA. They will only put up with his antics for so long. I'm so glad that he has completely destroyed his brand.
Pj Gullo LiBrandi Love him and appreciate ALL he is doing and "trying" to do, despite trying to be squashed by brainless, radical liberals. It will ALL catch up to the "deaf, dumb & blind" in time.
Zeke Garvey So, what we can logically deduce is that FOX really did want a man-child as POTUS. They were calling Obama that because they wanted him to lower himself to be more childish.
Ron Blackwood I will release my taxes after the audit and Mexico will pay for the wall. I have a secret plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days. All Donny lies.
Christopher J. Dutton What the hell is a listening session? I often run a listening session with my favorite records. Should I take a selfie and act self important?
Andre Westerhuis Can you (easily) imagine how the liberal press would headline President Trumps last remark? "Trump calls for vendetta!" Or, "Trump loses it and calls for the hunting down of non-supporters!" Or...
David Prince It's so refreshing to finally have a President who respects our law enforcement unlike Obama who still has the utmost contempt and disdain for them. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning every morning I wake up now that we have a President who puts America and Americans first, and who has the testicular fortitude to remove the corruption and end the backroom deals among the rank and file in Washington.
Susan Ann Mattson Helms Such a sincere and appreciate president. And, with some backbone who supports the people. I'm so sorry he is being treated so badly by the press and politicians on both side, who envy him so much they are sabotaging his efforts to do the things he campaigned on. I am sure he will succeed and appreciate all his efforts.
Karen Devore When your backs our against the wall - and you have bad mouthed the police - who will you call when someone breaks into your house and grabs your four year old daughter. At least President Trump is smart enough to see who watches over the internal safety of our government. I praise these men and women who sacrifice for our safety every day of their lives.
Elizabeth Ann Morrow President Donald J. Trump will easily go done in History as the best President ever. The only one who actually is keeping his promises to the American people. There have been a few setbacks due to the sore losers (liberals) tantrums and the lack of earnest intentions from Democrats in the house. I think it's best for obamacare to implode all by its lonesome. If our great President Trump tried to fix it, they would only cry foul...they will say that obama had it right and President Trump messed it up. So die obamacare.
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Fox NewsTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 9:59pm

“One of the main reasons why Donald J. Trump was elected President was during the campaign he was unafraid to speak very uncomfortable truths about illegal immigration and what he was going to do to enforce law.”

Do you agree with Monica Crowley?

Sharron Gibson Boling He was elected based on his promises! He has tried to keep them, but everywhere he turns his ideas get shot down! What idiots we have in Washington!
Kristina Louise Dahl Uncomfortable, yes. Truths, no. And he does not know how to enforce the law, and thankfully the judiciary branch is still creating checks and balances when he attempts unconstitutional acts.
Ed Chapman There's a huge difference between a refugee and economic migrant. I have no problem with tax dollars helping real refugees, but at no time have any of us agreed to support someone just looking for a better standard of living. Create that where you are, and… Everyone wins. If you want to migrate… GET IN LINE. and plan on assimilating.
Nico Torres We waited 8 long years for a strong president that isn't a coward to say the words, "ILLEGAL immigrants". We respect those who are LEGAL.
Pamela Durler He was our voice. I admire him so very much for running for President. He was honest with us. He kept every promise he ever made. And the whole election was stressful. Media treated him unfair. Treated his children son and grand children unfair. It is really sad. He has done more then the last President ever did.
Bill Roeber She is absolutely correct. What bothers me is how the News Media and the Democrats are saying he is against immigration. The issue is illegal immigrants who are convicted of crimes or are gang members. What is so hard to understand. We are not deporting all of the illegal aliens. Get it through your thick skulls.
Shelby Pollock You mean he spewed unsubstantiated bigoted rhetoric and the racists loved him for it? Granted some people voted for him because of his economic promises, which they were actually naive enough to believe.
John House Racists love it?? Wanting to stop illegal immigration makes someone a racist? Is that what you're saying? If it is.. you are doing the worst thing possible.. creating racial hostility where there is none.. when we say stop illegal immigration or ship them back.. we're not specifying a specific race.. country of origin.. etc.. ANYONE who is here illegally needs to be sent back.. we need to end the anchor baby issue as well..
Zeke Garvey oh okay. This will change by next week. The reason he got elected is because conservatives are stupid and fake. Messiah Trump IS everything you losers accused Obama of being.
Paula Smieja People are sick of the status quo, the gibberish out of the mouths of our elected officials who pocket money from special interests, countries and for political favor. Show me one politician who hasn't profited from being elected to office?
Patrick Eck I would rather Trump's crass, off the cuff truth to Obama's refined, well rehearsed decepttion any day.
David Ferguson Sr. It's that simple, enforce the laws on the books and all's good, let this President do his job.... he is well within his boundaries of these laws!
Karen Hanas Truths yes; Liberal judges cherry picked by the left to obstruct the law and try to rewrite the Constitution. Kristina, maybe you need to read the Constitution---illegals have NO legal rights in this country except to get out.
Rob Omerza Trump was elected because there a war going on and Hillary wanted to invite that war into America with the refugees! Wake up
Jane Chew-Bentley "Donald Trump isn’t just the worst president America has ever had. He’s also accomplished less of his agenda in his first nine weeks than almost any of his predecessors since World War II." - Prof. Robert Reich
Judith Bothern ICE needs to investigate Melania's work record before she had a visa to work and then lying about it on her citizenship papers. If he is going to deport people, he should start with her. Such a hypocrite
Cindy Carrion We need to stop calling these people illegal immigrants, they are not immigrants, they are illegal aliens. As long as the media keeps calling them immigrants the more confusion there is and these idiots want to put them in the same category as immigrants. Immigrants are people who came here legally and have either gotten their citizenship or are working to get their citizenship. Illegal aliens did none of the above, they are breading the law and need to be sent back to where they came from.
Bobby Cordell You know when one party is over 90% one race , and supported by neo nazis and the kkk it just might be a tad bit racist.......let me know when the gop looks less like a 1950s bingo hall.
Rafael Antonio Ruiz-Ayala He was elected on his ability to get a lot of white people without college degrees and a history of serious problems with people who do not look like them that the reason they are poor is not because of people like him owning most of the wealth of the US but because of an over-abundance of Mexican gardeners.
Jim Col Lord Illegal non-payment of parking tickets is another group we need to get after! It's illegal and nobody is doing anything about it! Think of the revenue we could generate if we go after these people. We're worrying about the wrong group of illegals!
Jenny Pye The very uncomfortable truth being that he isn't even TRYING to be a good person and he's willing to put millions of them in detention centers for who knows how long without representation even if the only thing they've done wrong is failed to get properly documented? I'd guess that's why his opponents got millions more votes than he did. He wouldn't have gotten elected if it weren't for the Electoral College weighing one American's vote more heavily than another's. Sounds fair.
Joan Ahern Time to fire those in Congress who refuse to do their jobs! We are sick and tired of them campaigning on the taxpayers money! Work is what we are paying you for!!!!! Do your job or go home!
Beverly Davis Monica, don't agree to go on Hannity for one sentence. Spend your night more productively. Sad. He books too many guests AND loves hearing himself talk. Again, sad.
Walt Bundy Donald Trump was elected because he played on people's fears. "We think the enemy is hate but it is not. The true enemy is fear" - Gandhi
John Gustin He won because he was honest..And not a bought politician who serve only the people funding their campaign.. citizens are tired of the government serving themselves instead of the people....And so far our president is doing exactly what he said he would... with the paid for( politicians ) doing all they can to derail all the good he is trying to do for the people and country....past presidents have sold the citizens out time and time again!!! And that behavior bit them this election .... with all the low blows and road blocks the are giving just makes it clear I will vote TRUMP AGAIN IN 4 YEARS!!!
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Fox NewsTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 9:35pm

"Did you ever think about like 'How did I get in this place?' You're defending agricultural and service sector employers who pay low wages."

Tucker Carlson and immigration advocate Peter Markowitz went head-to-head on immigration on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Andre Berto I picked berries, worked as a golf caddie, and in a pizza place in middle school and high school. You will find plenty of people to do "the jobs nobody wants to do".
Mark Mayo A piece of garbage attorney in two ways... 1) In support of illegals remaining in our country and taking jobs. 2) In support of those employers who employ illegals taking advantage of them since they're here illegally.
Nita May Stolns This guy is Stupid. Let them go and stay and his house and feed them, supply them with clothes, medicine, pay for any and all hospital visits :('
Chris Montañez Please don't let this distract you from the fact that on March 20, 1994 during WrestleMania X... Razor Ramon defeated Shawn Michael's for the WWF Intercontinental Championship in one of the most epic ladder matches in history.
Debbie Ann Lee We have thousands of inmates in our jails all over this country. Put them to work in agriculture. Why do we have to support illegals coming in.
Charles Patrick Tucker Carlson Tonight is 100% correct, if big-agri can't find workers at $10/hr, offer $15, if they still can't find workers, then $20 or $30, there will be a wage threshold where they'll find more than enough workers, it's how the labor market is supposed to work, immigrant labor is a way employers rig the market to lower wages
Gary Duffey where did that train load of kids go that kerry and obama brought into our country, their parents was still in central america
Roque Coral Does Carlson really believe that deporting all undocumented immigrants will improve the economy? Half of our agricultural industry consists of undocumented labor. A large chunk of our construction force consists of undocumented labor. It doesn't work that way. The economy would slow down.
Sharron Gibson Boling We Americans need to worry about protecting ourselves, not these law breakers! They act like illegals are just innocent people looking for a better life here! If you look at crime statistics you will see that is far from the truth!
Dollie Summerville The only law that these liberal idiots want, is to let all that want to come to America can. No strings attached. They don't care how true Ameriicans have to live, just so they can get their payoff for letting in cheap labor. And that is the truth..
Brian Miller I literally just spit my beer out. Thank you Tucker. So much better than Megan Kelly. Keep it up buddy you are my nightly entertainment before I go to bed.
Antuan Webb Hello...this man used illegal immigrants to build his hotels. He has hotel's in the same country that's responsible for 9/11 and he promised to use American steel for the Keystone Pipeline project. When has he ever put America first?
Michael Perry Ok. So listen up you worthless liberals, cause this is all true and real! You can feel free to Google any of this info. If California wants to be a sanctuary state and lose federal funding...this is what they'll lose... Around 250,000 federal employees Police Military bases (including coast guard protecting your shores) Around 170,000 Active Duty Military personnel Around 8,500 Department Of Agriculture employees Around 1,600 Department Of Commerce employees Around 6,500 Department Of Defense employees Around 140 Department Of Education employees Around 360 Department Of Energy employees Around 23,000 Department Of Homeland Security employees Around 5,500 Department Of Justice employees Around 1,000 Department Of Labor employees Around 6,800 Department Of Interior employees Around 13,000 Department Of The Treasury employees Around 4,300 Department Of Transportation employees Around 27,000 Department Of Veterans Affairs employees Around 900 Environmental Protection Agency employees Around 900 General Services Administration employees Around 600 Housing And Urban Development employees Around 2,600 Health And Human Services employees Around 1,900 NASA employees Around 6,400 Social Security Employees Around 165 State Department employees That figure doesn't take into account several other agencies and employees that would leave state. You guys pay the most in taxes but yet you take away all those highly paid employees, that's gonna put a huge dent in your economy. These figures also include TSA, Border Patrol, National Guard, FBI, FAA, federally appointed judges and many more agencies. Here is more that you would lose... Infrastructure funds Airports Coastal ports Banks Power grid Pipelines Welfare Food stamps Medicaid Medicare Social security payments Now think about all that! Those are all federally protected and funded programs and agencies! Do you seriously think you can survive without all that? You take away health coverage, food stamps and social security payments from people don't you think people will either riot or leave state? If the people decide to riot who the hell will protect you guys? You won't have police or national guard to save the state because they all left so they can keep their jobs in different states. You need to brush up on your knowledge, or lack there of, when it comes to federal funding and sanctuary states! This list goes for all states too what they would lose! So study hard and get some knowledge about this subject! The money that you guys pay to the Feds would have to pay off your debt then rebuild your entire state! That is impossible because with no borders with Mexico (since you want everyone to enter) you guys would have more illegals coming in that you have to take care of. So now, do you understand how serious losing federal funds would be? Just admit to being at the mercy of these funds and we'll move on to a more challenging subject since I just put some educated cells into your brain!
Javier Menchaca Hey Tucker your talking to a moron, who evades any questions u ask, sounds like the democrats who do the same thing, when there out on the spot. That's why I believe that there should be an investigation on all democrats,
Ted Dolan There is enough legal immigrants needing work. Also the left is desperately trying to hold onto immigrant people's as a voting block and an industry they can and will exploit. Votes votes and votes. It's over you lose. Period 😎
Lori Smith Tucker....night after night you talk rationally...even dumb it down for these people I love you for your efforts. I commend you for keeping it together. Because I couldn't...
Zeke Garvey hahahahahahah, so dumb and fake.... Now, conservatives are going to cry about low wages???? Do you idiot losers have any idea what you used to stand for???? The conservative platform is more liberal than the democrats these days.
Vincent Lepore Jared Kushner, Trump's son in law and trusted adviser met with a Russian Banker who was under Sanctions by the U.S. WTF, I mean when is this administration going to start answering questions honestly. Trump appears to be a traitor and it seems that his advisers and congressional people are helping him cover up this whole debacle. "You want Answers? I want the Truth!" I can handle the truth. Most Americans can!
Christine Lorenz Heck spending more on immigration enforcement....there's about $16 billion going to the sanctuary cities that we can free up to cover that bill! Break the law, go to prison or get deported, and if you chose prison you get deported AFTER you sentence is over. Go for it.
Paula Smieja Many illegal refugees are working jobs for less pay than legal, and other citizens. Many agricultural enterprises take advantage of that and many of them do out work Am. citizens. So why shouldn't they get equal pay, legalize them so they get the benefits they deserve.
Ben Cowan If illegal immigrants are so great for society and the economies of these sanctuary cities, then they should be fine without the federal funding they get for cooperating with ICE. In addition, we can have the non-sanctuary cities, deport illegal aliens directly to the sanctuary cities, so they can take advantage of all the benefits of illegal immigrants. It's a win win!
Christopher Bigelow But here's the thing we're not just losing our jobs to immigrants from Mexico we're losing them to Outsourcing to other countries and other immigrants from the from poor countries. I'm all for healthy immigration and it doesn't matter where you come from as long as you want to become an American and believe in the American way of life but we can't help people if we don't help our self.
Jerry JerDog Stop making it so inviting for illegal aliens to come here, stop the anchor baby rights, stop giving any type of government aid, stop educating them, and hold businesses legally responsible by making it a felony to hire people that aren't here legally. Then see how many waste their money to come here and see how many will self deport. Just because we have government officials that follow the immigration laws don't mean Americans should have to be penalized. I love how these liberals make it about the illegal aliens being punished but nobody cares about the people here legally. Stop calling them immigrants, they are illegal aliens, they were never invited.
Mitchell Steven Carr Undocumented low wage labor is vital to the success of our economy? Not at all. As a matter of fact the more you pay people the more powerful their impact as a consumer becomes and therefore creates a more successful economy. Undocumented low wage labor is only "vital" to the rich because they make and keep all the money to themselves. This is seriously basic economics.
Michael Wolbers Pretty impressive Tucker. To get a lib to support big business and admit it keeps wages low for everyone too benefit the rich. I love when you get a lib to compromise their beliefs to keep supporting an idiotic narrative.
Fox News
Fox NewsTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 8:43pm

Father of the year or tough love taken too far?

Ryan Accettulla Good. It's about time kids don't get everything handed to them. Work hard and get rewarded
Jay Tarum I have no problem with this - Thomas, get your act together. Your Dad is right.
Kevin Reilly To me it just seems like a Dad busting his son's chops. They probably have a good relationship and the Dad thought this would be funny. Which it is. Fathers and sons, who are close, do stuff like this to each other.
Jack Ciri Now watch, the department of social services will file a suit against him for child abuse.
Kevin Burkett gotta love all the haters out there, i say its great parenting teaching your kids to work for success instead of teaching them to be a liberal by rewarding their failure
Lee Heafner Absolutely no way you could consider that too far. We need more dads like him.
Jenny Roesler McKindles How about this version... it's his son, we don't get an opinion. Just let him parent how he wants to! I wouldn't have done it but I'm not Thomas's parent so who cares what I think!
John Yost Father of the year. Wish more dads were like him.
Brinkley Dziubek This is good parenting, and what the country needs a little more of - you mess around and get bad grades, you miss out on good opportunities.
Joe Manno Shaming his son???? Welcome to the real world Jr. that Father is teaching his Son the world is cruel and if you want something you must earn it. Anyone who thinks differently is probably raising those little whiny entitled brats.
Katherine Lee A good parent does their " job" at home privately , not in any public eye,,,,,
Scott Nowicki Perfect example folks of the cold hard facts of life, The Blunt Truth. Probably 90 percent of the libtards were "triggered."
Aria Lynch That isn't shaming. That literally is giving the child a goal to work towards. Heaven forbid anyone, even parents, tell someone their current situation isn't satisfactory or something to be rewarded. Heaven forbid someone wants to encourage greatness.
Kristin Billingsley Smith Bad parenting. He didn't need to sign publicly displayed. I'm sure his son already knew why he wasn't at the game as his father should have told him at home. This dad just wanted a pat-on-the-back for what he should be doing as parent.
Connie Bryer I think this is great. I disagree when parents shame the kids by making them hold signs but I think this is being a good parent. He is trying to reach his child in a good way. So glad to have him versus the cash me outside girls mom geez
Krystal Ann Woodworth I fully support his decision, but I don't support the public shaming. I think parenting should happen at home, not on TV or social media.
Mark Mayo Thomas' dad is right, I think this is great! This shows that there are consequences, parents will follow thru and all without corporal punishment. Way to go to this dad!
Gordy Patterson All of the " poor kid " stuff on here makes me wonder how bad things will be when their kids grow into " I always got a trophy " adults! More Dads like this would make a better future for everyone!
Scott Crawford It's not bad enough for the kid to miss out on the game, he has to be publicly shamed also. Why not bring back the stockades, too? Oh, how about if a kid gets bad grades we tar and feather him? Man i am so glad public humiliation is coming back in style.
Kathleen Russell-Gross Our biggest enemy as parents right now is social media. Sometimes you gotta hit a little hard to prove a point and get that lesson across, sometimes it is so hard these days. This is parenting perfection! I'm a little jealous I didn't think of it first!
Jessica Nicole Merced Someone always getting butthurt. This is not shaming, this is, you should have did the work to enjoy the prize. Kids aren't gonna melt if you show them you do wrong and u don't get crap
Naomi Sandoval Ha! This is the exact reason my son will not be attending the Metallica concert with my husband brother and I in June. Tough luck kid, I have to work for what I do you.
Heather Reneé Lawhon As a teacher, I love this. As a productive member of society, I don't understand why this is even a topic of conversation. Parents are not "raising children." They're "raising adults."
Craig Gibson I'm guessing Dad was trying a good bit before this to get his son to meet expectations and this was warned. The child is learning consequences, and I'd prefer dads like this 100x to those who turn a blind eye, don't care about their child's education, or aren't even in their son's lives. Some of you boo-hooing are all about the present, immediate feelings of this kid - dad is thinking long game. Sometimes you need to hurt a little to teach, sometimes a lot.
Justin Cramer I find it amusing that people think he isn't a good father because he went to a game. Everyone has a different style of parenting, every child learns differently. Maybe this will be something to motivate his kid, maybe it won't. But the fact is the kid could have been there enjoying the game if he worked harder.
Fox News
Fox NewsTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 8:20pm

“The last thing we need is a self-inflicted crisis."

There are concerns that Republican leaders who failed to unite the party last week on an #ObamaCare overhaul will likewise struggle to finalize a spending package before the April 28 deadline.

Steve Nardi If the Government shuts down, then the president has discretionary power over what gets paid for and what doesn't.He can choose to pay the military, but not fund another program. He pretty much holds the cards...
Ben Derrick Never in my life have I seen a POTUS work so hard for the American people than Trump. DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2020!!! WE LOVE YOU MR. PRESIDENT!!!! You will be in the White House for the next 8yrs. As a proud deplorable, I'm ready!
Michael Williams Trump is the first President to run a campaign based on the lie that America was a ‘disaster’ that the guy he hoped to replace created, and then take credit for the accomplishments achieved under that same guy’s watch.
Gabe Brunner Obama sure caused a nightmare by inviting progressive stupidity to come out of the political walls! Thank goodness we have a progressive exterminator in the WH!
Jeremy Johnson Our parties are sick completely sick. We have the best President in such a long time whos looking out for the people and the Democratic and Republican s are hindering. Its disgusting. Im Republican but withdrawing from that party and going independent
Ryan Chambers Can people quit talking about Obama (has been) and Hillary (never was) and focus on the disaster currently in the oval office. Quit deflecting like a lackey, whining like a snowflake and making excuses like a lemming for Trump.
Ed Chapman Hey Left… The jokes on you! Your paid officials brought NOTHING to the table. And You paid them to do it. Now we are stuck with the failing Obamacare health-tax until it completely collapses. The RINO’s offered to bail your Representatives out, but Nancy, Chuck, and the rest of the loony-gang were too stupid to even realize it. But we weren’t! The real GOP shot it down because we did not want a “slightly better Obamacare.” CONSERVATIVES WANT REPEAL and we will not settle for ANYTHING less. So go ahead… laugh it up. But you may want to look in the mirror as you do it.
David Casey Paul Ryan better get off his high horse and find common ground with his own party. We have enough problems dealing with idiots in the Senate.
Kevin Timothy Hindes The biggest problem for Republicans is that the policies they stand for are not actually very popular, even among their base. I'm not talking about the identity stuff, which is quite popular. I mean economic policy: massive tax cuts for the rich, ending the estate tax (which only kicks in above $5 million), removing health care, reducing or eliminating social security and medicare. None of this stuff is popular - except among people who donate bigly to Republican campaigns. So how do you win elections when what you stand for is so unpopular? Distract and dissemble. Wave the flag, talk about freedom, and hope people don't ask too many questions. And outright lie to them (Trump). And that works well enough when you are a minority party; nobody expects you to deliver much, and you can use obstruction to make incremental gains and praise yourself for your accomplishments. But when you unexpectedly win, and win total control of the government, you get kind of stuck. Somebody is going to have to be disappointed. Either the base or the donors. So you see a lot of Republicans (especially in the House) trying to figure out who they can stiff - their voters or their donors. It is hard to win reelection without the donors. But it is impossible to win if the base turns on you. And if Republicans actually passed everything Ryan ever promised all in one year, the party would not recover for decades, people would be so pissed. So now they have to figure out how to take moderate steps in that direction without risking too much reputational damage.
Ricky Juarez Take the vote no matter whether there are not enough votes to pass and name out the House and Senate Republicans that refused to support their Republican President. If nothing gets done by the Republicans while they hold a majority all the way around, at least we will know by who and we can kick em out.
Melanie Tidwell-Herndon No 2-week break! They haven't done their jobs, met deadlines or accomplished the agenda. Work like the rest of us would have to for missing deadlines and arguing like 2 year olds.
Brian Wells President Trump is a master dealmaker and closer, as we saw last week with Repeal and Pretend. He will dazzle all sides, and they will beg him not to shut the govt down. There - you don't even need to watch Fox for the next few months. You're welcome.
Patty Merkley So upset with Paul Ryans demeanor anymore. Tell him to jump in 100% or get the heck out. He should be as a Republican, truly cleaning the swamp ahead for our President. Not planting land mines.
Carl R. Pierce Jr Sad that our government is to busy fighting each other instead of trying to help us. But we are fighting amongst ourselves over simple minded crap so Untill we stand together this is what we get. 🇺🇸
Cam Delaney Maybe they should weed out those liberals implanted in their party? :)- Dunno, just thinking he would definitely accomplish more.
Vincent Lepore Jared Kushner, Trump's son in law and trusted adviser met with a Russian Banker who was under Sanctions by the U.S. WTF, I mean when is this administration going to start answering questions honestly. Trump appears to be a traitor and it seems that his advisers and congressional people are helping him cover up this whole debacle. "You want Answers? I want the Truth!" I can handle the truth. Most Americans can!
Judith Bothern Face it. the Republicans are abysmal failures at doing anything but saying NO to Obama. they have all control now and can't come up with a descent health care plan. I expect nothing more - or less - of them when it comes to the budget.
Diane Judy Crawford He is working against odds...those sobs in congress are not doing the job they were hired to do! I support trump 100 % and yes we need term limits to get rid of this corrupt bunch of anti americans!! Im sick of it.
Sue Van Steenberg I remember Obama threatened shutting down on our military. & said he shut our social security off. .Trump, along with other cabinet members aren't taking a paycheck, so shut other government pays down....
Shane Suri Considering that neither Trump nor Ryan have a viable budget that isn't going to cause chaos, they are going to pass the CR as they have done every year since the last Clinton year. Frankly, it's the smartest course of action they have right now are and will be fools if they decide to do something different. Seriously, these guys need to slow down, get their stuff together and start coming up with smart policy because, while their antics will appeal to a narrow section of voters, it won't sell in general. And, contrary to the normal Fox reading crew, that's a good thing. Republican control things for the foreseeable future, they need to start figuring out that extreme voices aren't the only ones out there and adjust accordingly.
Chris Scott Well, Republicans will just find a way to blame another government shutdown on Obama and the Democrats. Literally this is their default answer to failures and being questioned on their tactics. You can't make this up!
Jerry Balkenbush Just imagine if all of that was invested into the crumbling American infrastructure. Highways, mass transit, high speed rail, hyper-loop, bridges.....
Barry Hawley These Dipwod career politicians keep putting themselves before the American people. Corruption is in deep. And they are having a fit, trying to fight what the Americans asked for.
Alex Beaulieu I have always been told that being to much of one thing is not good and that includes being to liberal or to conservative that's why I'm staying an independent
Austin Ngo It's been an entire day and foxnews still hasn't reported about how the GOP passed bill that will allow internet providers to sell our info!! C'mon!! If POTUS is upset about wiretapping, he should veto this!!!
Fox News
Fox NewsTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 8:00pm

Discussing his apprehension of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump working in visible administration positions, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews brought up Uday and Qusay Hussein who also had close ties to their father's regime.

Cherie Goldberg Chris Matthews you are absolutely vile and obscene and out of your mind if you can have the undecency to compare Ivanka and her busband to Saddam Hussein's children, totally different culture and background. You deplorable Democrats and liberal media have no moral compass whatsoever! You have sunk lower than the proverbial snake that slithers on the ground. You should be ashamed to your grave for such a repulsive and vile statement. You are nothing but a vile, destructive and very evil force in America. All you ever do is perpetrait harm and evil and lies, lies and more lies. So tired of your B.S. propaganda.
Jill Hubert Chris Matthews u are disgusting and vile creature...yes creature I can't even put u in the human category.. My god will these people stop with all this crap...its getting old..
Teresa Miller Wease What a disgusting thing to say. I don't believe that Ivanka and Jared Kushner are murderers like Saddam Hussein and his sons. Shame on Chris Matthews. How unprofessional can you get!
Shane Hollopeter What a hypocrite and there outraged over bill orielly saying Maxine Walters hair looked like a james Brown wig.
Don Broder Well, liberals like him are good for one thing, making us laugh. That's hilarious! We all know Ivanka cruises around, looking for newly married guys to snatch off the streets and rape, and tortures anyone who disagrees with her, by forcing them to watch Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews.
Maziar Khavari Tell me you not comparing Jared and Ivanka to the Hussein brothers? So your also hinting at Trump being comparable to Saddam? Dude are you F'N crazy or just a plain idiot? 😡
Ginny Martinez It's somewhat surprising that Chris remains employed until you consider how popular he is with the secular progressives. He can utter the most absurd nonsense and they simply eat it up.Intelligence is not required nor appreciated.
Glenn Boucher And more bashing from the media. Were Ivanka and Jared ever seen as dispicible people before Donald Trump was elected President? I guess once a person you don't like is elected then their entire family is disgusting.
Ramsey J Carter In a way he is right!!! The radical Christian terror group members can't stand the fact they are similar to the other terror groups in isis and alqaeda whom all 3 uses and hides behind their religion to institute hate which all 3 can sought in hell together
Don Bartlett Just shows how totally the media is owned by the left and why no one with half a brain believes anything the say. The real news is dead.
Steve Bailey People need to look at old pics of Bagdad. ..looks like San Francisco in in the 70s. ..then the Clintons and the soros n Rockefeller. Same as lybia and many more ..don't get me started on Haiti
Amy Russell Price Never mind those miniscule differences like Saddam's sons killing people for all sorts of fun reasons and helping their daddy rule over an islamofascist paradise. I see the resemblance, totally! (gag)
Ryszard Zurek Apparently that tingle that Obama gave him went to his brain, or what little he has left! To compare the Hussein family with the Trump family is vile and disgusting! It's very obvious that Matthews "hates" the Trump family. He calls himself a journalist and it supposed to be unbiased in his reporting. He should be kicked off the news channel.
Beverly WM Absolutely ridiculous, SMH......It was no problem when JFK appointed his brother as AG. And Ivanka and Kushner are not mass murderers like the Hussein family. What a vile and ludicrous commnet to make, SMH.......
John Sullivan How horrible are these liberals? They will do and say anything when people disagree with them. If ANYONE in the press had been this bad to Obama they would have been shunned or blacklisted!
Shannon Wendell Pontier After two deployments to Iraq and knowing what those two POS were like while they are alive, I find Matthews an ignorant douchebag of global proportions. They were murderous evil men who destroyed so many lives. Screw Matthews and his ignorance. I'm sick of these BS comparisons that only make light of the true atrocities -example Trump being compared to Hitler. Idiot leftists do this because they have nothing else, turn the page in your playbook because it's not working anymore.
Jason C. Loewen But yet the media has no problem with the thought of Chelsea Clinton running with ZERO political experience. LOL That's rich.
Roberta Betz Gilmartin I gave up NBC and MSNBC Cause of statements like this ! The left wing media is out of control Was this your thought when JFK had his bro as ATTORNEY GENERAL
Steve Ankelein I guess Mathews has forgotten that JFK's Attorney General was his brother Bobby! Oh forgot, they were democrats, so it wasn't a problem!
David Boeder Matthews has to remember that MSNBC is not a real network. He might think he is a commentator, but he really is a nobody.!!
Dan Taylor They may not be the same level of terrible, but the broader point he is making is that this type of nepotism usually only happens in authoritarian dictatorships. Not in a democracy. It is very weird that he's just giving positions to people with no qualifications just because they are in his family, regardless of whether you like this comparison or not.
Matthew Salazar When president trump starts using chemical warfare on the idiots in California let me know then I'll make some comparisons.
Songcha Meyer Chris Matthews brings shame to America. He has no dignity, no conscience, no brain, no heart and soul. From a low rated trash reporter who'd say anything to get viewers, he 's going lower and heading to a gutter.
Joie Kobak These people are actually losing their minds right out in the open....they will all be in padded rooms before long.... their hate is going to do them in .... I've never seen anything like it in my life ....‼️
Mary Henderson Does anyone actually trust anything Chris Matthews says? He has proven over and over that he's not a serious journalist by the many inane comments he has made.
Fox News
Fox NewsTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 7:29pm

“He wanted to give you a hug.”

Watch this sweet moment between a young boy and Fort Worth Police Department Officer.

Alex Baker This is how kids need to see police officers. This is what will create a positive impact and a lasting respect for people in positions of authority when this young man grows up. When parents point out police officers to their kids and announce, "you better be good or he will lock you up!" is always such a terrible thing to tell a kid. It makes them afraid and not wanting to trust police officers when they get older. So hats off to those in the video here. Great job!
Ashley Tapia This is exactly how my boys are when they see cops! They always want to hug them and they are so amazed by them! ❤️❤️ I love when children idolize Police officers, fire fighters & our military instead of some celebrity!! ❤️
Tom Louis CNN: We have obtained footage of a Police Officer putting an innocent child in a bear hug, then telling him to run away.
John Vardon When I was kid I would always wave to the police when they would drive by and they would almost always wave back, some with a smile on their face. I was also taught to respect them because my grandfather was a career lawman, there are some who are unfit to serve but they do not represent the police as a whole, most are honourable people who believe in what they do.
Terry Rearick This was the way thing used to be till the BLM and the Other Trash in the past few years change thing and then all you OBOOMER Lovers and he trashed the police
Twania Nicole Griffin People, what does Trump have to do with this video??? Some of you need help. Even if his mom made the little guy do it, I credit her for teaching him well. Love conquers people. Have a good night smh.
Teri Zawada this is awesome and this is how parents should be raising their children
Paresh Abbott This is soo amazing seeing this little boy giving a police officer a hug his parents are doing a good job of teaching him how to respect police I support every police officer they do a very good job of protection us and keeping the peace God bless all of them
Joe Ciesielski OMG... A kid showing respect for law enforcemnt? ... This is all Trumps fault!
Emily Peterson The parents of that child instilled love and kindness in their kid along with respect. It all starts at home. Great job mom and dad, sweet boy.
Yolanda Dove AWWW! That is so cute! And I love how he looks at the officer like he is a celebrity and a superhero! So cool! Parenting done right!
Debi Hendrickson- O'Leary So incredibly sweet!! God Bless our wonderful heroes & for the parents teaching love!!!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful video!!!!
John McCabe It's totally respect for the men&woman in uniform that protect us each&everyday. Also this young boy was brought up the right way with respect. Hats off to this mother for a wonderful job.
Sherry Freeman He obviously has very good parents. God Bless them and the Police Officer.
JoAnn Walsh Zucca That's cute but you can tell that he was told to do it the way he looks back for reassurance & then runs back to his mom or whoever. Just an observation, not a put down.
Joanne Gallagher Too bad people on here have to be so negative and hateful. I like seeing a nice young man being raised without such hate. Keep up the good work, parents.
Frances Gibbs The sweetest man I ever met was a former police officer from San Fran who moved to Fairbanks with his wife to get away from the streets. He walked the beat in Fairbanks for many yrs. taught rape classes to al the young women in Fairbanks who traveled the highway (many military wives) he walked many a young man and woman home to keep them out of trouble. He was 6'5'' black and beautiful in heart and soul. He worked for many children's groups in town after his wife died and he retired. They didn't have any children and he devoted his life to young people. Duke was great to kids and they all loved him and would go across many rooms and streets to give him a hug. This reminds me of him and his smile !!!
Julia Lynn Deters Grills Precious! Reminds us of a time when a little baby reached for my husband as the elected sheriff in full uniform at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The family said she didn't do that with anyone! That was at least 7+ years ago!
Brett Talley Love that!! I wish more parents encouraged that instead telling their kids that the police will lock them up every time they're bad. No parents, handle your own kids. It's not the Police Officer's responsibility to raise your kids.
Den Morgan We were always thought to respect policemen. In fact how many times mom would say, behave are I'm gonna call he policeman to come get you. And when someone said jail, you knew that was a bad place, and never wanted to end up there. Today you say cops to kids they wanna call social services because you're offending them.
Rick Zeller Nice. My daughter tried to say "hi" and "thank you" to a police officer when we were in line at Circle K. I was going to offer to pay for his stuff, until he just ignored her and turned away. I was so upset! I was trying to teach my child to go to police if she needed help and this was the response?
Mary J Thompson One hug at a time. Following the law and respecting one another.... A long road to that point with someone like Nobama in the background recruiting agitators and dems stalling and disruption... they are all totally pitiful............
Rick Stipe I was borne in 1949 and I still remember a big poster in the barber's where I got my hair cut. It was a picture of a policeman comforting a little boy who had been struck by a bus. There was no blood or gross stuff, just compassion from a policemen. It probably could not be shown today! So sad!
Ti-Anna Funn My son wouldn't do this, but only because he doesn't know this man and I tell him know that it isn't the uniform that makes the person, but the character. I've seen several people in uniform (military/police) do the wrong thing.
Carole Plowman Many Many years ago the policeman who walked our area around our grade school was all of us kids favorite person Our parents taught us to go to him if we had a problem on our way to & from school. He knew our names & was a real friend. I wish children today could feel as we all did about our policeman.
Fox News
Fox NewsTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 7:00pm

"We are going to be doing a great job and hopefully it'll start being bipartisan, because everybody really wants the same thing: We want greatness for this country that we love."

President Donald J. Trump made remarks at a reception Tuesday for Senators and their spouses at The White House.

Ruth Tenney I love that President Trump is so optimistic, especially under such hostility from the Dems and in-house power struggles within the Republican Party.
Jerrion Buck 45th is trash... you don't like it oh well... you have no proof to say he's great.. and with deregulation of environmental orders is crazy. 40years from now and the 45th is no longer with us but your precious fishing hole is gone or poisoned.. Blame Obama lol.. Foh he tried to save your precious water
Renée Mc Do you ever take a break??!! Love the passion and energy P Trump has - hopefully it will be contagious!
Mark Stevens I'm so glad this is our President. If they would leave him alone and let him work his magic. This country we all love really can be a beacon of light again. God Bless you Mr. Donald Trump Is Our President
Colleen Anderson We can only remain the United States of America if our elected representatives start concentrating on one common goal..uniting themselves in our behalf.
Richard Alton Carter If someone were to ask Trump, how do think the Republican healthcare bill was different than Obamacare he would not have been able to answer because he doesn't read anything. He has zero understanding of policy but loves to showboat like an idiot.
Gloria Morris Bennett THIS is how a good leader leads... you speak words of unity... knowing that you will never win over everyone --- but also knowing that you don't need them all and you can often win over those that are still capable of thinking logically... even winning over a handful can make a difference in the votes needed to make the changes needed... President Trump has not successfully ran businesses without knowing how to negotiate the deal... an occasional step backwards is not final... it is only a step... 2 steps forward - 1 step back --- means you are still 1 step forward... those who have underestimated President Trump in the past and now --- are going to be more than surprised at his end results... he will get us there --- step by step... and it begins by offering an olive branch... he knows what he is doing... keep your friends close... keep your enemies closer...
Scott Sadek trump sycophants would rather let the comrades in the White House get away with treason than admit any patriotic of them
Mallory Miles Trump is used to running large corporations where all decisions begin and end with him. When that corporation is the United States of America, and big decisions can't move forward without passing a vote, you learn pretty quickly the importance of working with both sides. He just doesn't know how to govern yet. Hopefully he'll get there.
Nancy Carlson Gennari Unfortunately the Democrats do not want him to succeed and they are doing everything in their power to see it does not happen. The left and the receiver of free stuff the same. He is not the establishment. To bad they are not true Americans that want the best for their country and its people.
Bonnie Berrett I love how Trump is making an effort to bring all sides together to get some work done for a change in DC. They seem to forget that is why they were elected. He's working harder than anyone for all of us. If all of them could take their partisan blinders off and quit bickering and get down to business we all would appreciate that.
Melody Wyatt I keep hearing the left crying that the country is divided yet I hear our President offering to work with them. Maybe they will get their heads out of the sand and realize their responsibility is to try to work with him for the benefit of the people. Otherwise it is going to be a long 4 years for them.
Pat Thomas Wrong move...The dems will strike from behind. It's time to Nuclear and Executive order everything and shut them down once and for all ;)
Jim Bartley Let's start with POTUS. He is only trying to speak to 35-36% of the voters in the country. Everything beyond the focus of that group is "fake". His agenda is more TV reality than actual reality. As President, he's the one needing to make the adjustments. He needs to stop speaking in "fortune cookie" prose. Begin talking about real problems and real solutions. Begin surrounding himself with proven professionals instead of sycophants.
James Mattingly Donald J. Trump is on the right track; just need everyone to get on board and move forward.
Nancy Lutz Dems don't, they can't look beyond the fact they lost. They would rather the country go stagnate then work with the President. I guess that's what happens when you are guaranteed a paycheck without having to show any productivity.
Sabrina Sayre Go Trump, thank you for making America great again! Whooa!
Sandra Vh This group of psychopaths created a bill allowing the shooting of hibernating bears. Animals that are sleeping. On federal land. If that is not the perfect symbol of the depravity of this party and this orange tool that will sign it I don't know what is.
Paul Zugehoer Keep doing what you're doing Mr.POTUS, get rid of these illegals raping our children and these ISIS terrorists. Don't worry about the snowflakes and crooked Democrats, they will crash and burn. We the people back you sir, these minorities are milking the system and trying to make the white man a minority...Not gonna happen, remember where you came from and how you got here!!!
Kelly Holt Nelms No, I won't help you dismantle the public education system. No, I won't help you waste our money on a ridiculous wall. No, I won't help you ban immigration from countries you don't like. No, I won't help you weaken the healthcare system while you pave the way for insura and drug companies to make billions. No, I won't help you destroy our environment. No, I won't help you lower taxes on the richest people in our country while you slash benefits for the most vulnerable. No. No. No.
Elizabeth Day Happened Today? Day 68: Tarnished. Welcome to Day 68. Trump signed an executive order to unwind Obama’s climate policies. He celebrated the move as a way to promote energy independence and restore thousands of lost coal industry jobs. The order directs the EPA to start the legal process of withdrawing and rewriting the Clean Power Plan. (New York Times) 1/ Democrats call for Nunes to recuse himself in Russia probe. Pelosi and Schiff both say Nunes’ is too close to the White House to lead a thorough investigation into Russia. His behavior has discredited and tarnished the House Intelligence Committee, making it difficult for him to remain credibile. The Committee has scrapped all meetings this week amid the turmoil. (CNN) 2/ Trump administration tried to block Sally Yates from testifying to Congress on Russia. The Justice Department notified Yates earlier this month that the administration considers a great deal of her possible testimony to be barred from discussion in a congressional hearing because the topics are covered by the presidential communication privilege. (Washington Post) 3/ Trump moves decisively to wipe out Obama’s climate-change record. The sweeping executive order seeks to lift a moratorium on federal coal leasing and remove the requirement that federal officials consider the impact of climate change when making decisions. (Washington Post) 4/ Trump tweets: “Russia story is a hoax.” In a 37-minute, four-tweet Twitter tirade, Trump attacks Bill and Hillary Clinton, the “Podesta Russian Company,” the Freedom Caucus, Democrats, and Obamacare. (Politico) 5/ Congress may stiff Trump on funding to build his wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump’s hoping to jump-start constructure with money in a must-pass government funding bill. Democratic leaders are vowing to block any legislation that includes a single penny for the wall. The result could end in a government shutdown next month if the bill doesn’t pass. (Politico) 6/ Trump wants to do tax reform and infrastructure at the same time. The shift to infrastructure is to buy the support of Democrats while avoiding negotiations with the Freedom Caucus, which sank the health care bill. The infrastructure plan was likely going to be parked until next year. (Axios) 7/ Paul Manafort has engaged in a series of real estate deals in New York City over the past 11 years that fit a pattern used in money laundering. The former Trump campaign manager if also facing multiple investigations for his political and financial ties to Russia. (WYNC) 8/ The White House is asking Congress to cut $18 billion on everything from education to mental health programs. The cut would help pay for Trump’s military supplemental request, the proposed border wall, and the rest absorbed to help prevent a government shutdown. (Politico) 9/ House Republicans and the White House have restarted negotiations on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Just days after Trump said he was moving on to other issues, the White House is now saying hope they can still score the kind of big legislative victory that has so far eluded Trump. (New York Times) 10/ Trump believes the Supremacy Clause bars state lawsuits against a sitting president. A lawsuit claims Trump tarnished an “Apprentice” alum’s reputation and accuses him of kissing her twice in 2007 and attacking her in a hotel room. (Hollywood Reporter) 11/ Sanctuary city mayors fire back at Trump administration’s threat to cut fed funding. “If they actually act to take away our money, we’ll see them in court,” vowed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. (Fox News)
Victor J. Tirrito No one said that the job was easy especially since the liberal progressives only want to make America a welfare nation with open borders. Good luck with that.
David Houghton No Don, stop it. You and the Republicans won. Dems in charge want no compromise....remember Obama's famous words? "My way or no way"? Tell the Dems to cooperate with you...not the other way around. Stop acting like they are still in power.
Mark Kennerly Remember who you're up against, a corrupt government, hurry and drain the swamp,this includes alot of turn coat republicans, who are only republican by name,or there's going to be alot of defeats.We Got Your Back Mr.President
Carlos Caycho Yes we definitely want greatness! You leaving would be the first step!