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ESPNWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 5:51pm

Genie Bouchard has a strong opinion on Maria Sharapova's return to tennis.

Rich Chisolm ....that moment where you want to defend Sharapova but realize that this broad who you have no idea who she is is absolutely correct....🤔🤔🤔
Susan Jackson She is absolutely right because if that was Venus or Serena who was caught cheating...there would be protests to vacate all their wins and have them thrown out of the sport and you guys know quiet.
Jayce Johnson I hope Sharapova draws her and beats her so bad she switches to badminton 😂😂😂
Bruce Lorenzana If I recall, something she had been taking for 10 years was suddenly included in the no-no list and she was unaware of the inclusion. I can believe it. Not like she was tearing up the rankings!! at the time.
Robert Bates So she takes a med prescribed by her doctor and it perfectly legal and then durning her treatments, pro tennis makes it a banned substance. What a croc, at least she should been grandfathered in.
Kevin William Swanson Genie is a garbage player and sometimes it feels like she herself isn't part of the sport anymore. She got beat down in like 30 mins in a Wimbledon finals and that's the last I've heard from her.
Jason Lynch Win a big tournament then you're opinion will be taken seriously.
Bruce Lorenzana As a DIEHARD tennis fan, player, and watcher, 1 Wimbledon, I French, and 2 US opens, I know who all the major players are and Genie has been around a while. Long enough where this won't sit well with any of the players in the top 20!
Harris Miller I like Genie Bouchard but I disagree with her. I also like Maria Sharapova and I think she should get a second chance. Sharapova made a big mastike but let's give her another chance to prove her self.
Jared Gunn People take sports too seriously. Its the worst for baseball and cycling. I mean if lance armstrong beat an entire field of people who also used than clearly that means everyone was on an even playing field and he still won in landslides.
Luke Lentz It's tennis 😂 the only way to cheat in tennis is pay the line judge, that's it. Performance enhancers help what in tennis where you hit a ball 20ft back and forth 🤣
Christopher Mangual Didn't she take a drug that was for her health and it wasn't added to the ban list till after she took it or am I wrong? Don't remember
Shane McInnes Piss her off for good.......she knowingly cheated and should be banished!!!! Same with the cheats in MLB, NFL and any other professional sport!!!! One strike and your done for good 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jordan Jackson It's sad when a comment is more noteworthy than your game...Beat Maria or anyone for that matter and then maybe you'll be relevant!
J Reco Fane I love both Maria Sharapova and Eugenie Bouchard. So my name is Bennett and I ain't in it, I wish both of them (along with Venus Williams, Garbine muguruza, and Angelique Kerber) the best, that is....until Serena gets back.!
Aziza Marshall People, the drug she was taking is banned in most countries. And, shouldn't be taken for ten years. Please learn about the drug before you comment.
Alexander Rusakov So, Serena Williams is not a cheater because she has so called "conditioning" and Sharapova is a cheater even if meldonium was never proven to be PED and is legal in many pro leagues?
Anthony Perl Genie. Lol. While I love her and her tennis (when she's playing better), she really needs to worry about winning again. Her high point 3 years ago doesn't cut it in any way anymore. Not even for her biggest fans. She should've kept her mouth shut
Donald Goodrich "No second chances!",said the angry mob. Meanwhile, this was a substance she had been taking as prescribed from a doctor. People are idiots.
Luis Mario Pesantez Tenezaca Correctly Genie, because a cheater, don't deserve back to a Sports, be football, tennis, basket, rugby or any other sports, and Maria Sharapova is a cheater, is all.
Robert Freeman shes exactly right. the only reason that POS ever got notice is because the pigs who report on tennis think she is doable.
Ron Kirkbride Good thing there are people in charge that don't think like u do. Now after the 3rd offense yes issue a ban. But not after 1. She paid her dues shut up and beat her.
Lashawn Lewis If it were Venus or Serena, there wouldn't be a question! They both would be sued for every past victory purse. Makes me mad!
Andrew Solino So your saying the greatest qb of all time Tom Brady shouldn't be allowed to play football thst means Michael Pineda should not be able to play anymore and many other players who have cheated
Douglo Forgi Says the girl that can't get past the Second Round. Eugenie could take whichever substance Maria took, and she still wouldn't hold a candle to Maria
ESPNWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 4:16pm

New-look rivalry.

Bill Demmert Looks like ESPN has decided to go down with the ship of 'strong opinions' and yelling at each other and has moved even further away from the integrity of sports reporting and unadulterated sports.
Charles Senft I can't believe you let go Ed Werder and Danny kannell. But you kept the crappy 6pm sport center anchors of His and Her show. They are horrible to watch.
Kevin Arnoldson That Aaron Judge kid is going to be a superstar, enjoy watching him play when they televise Yankee games. I don't care for the Yankees, but appreciate good baseball players.
Slick McGriff Glad to see your network failing. All you had to do was talk about sports and keep the liberal politics out of it...but, you just couldn't do it. Sucks to be you...
Michael Anthony U think these guys calling the game have a love affair with the Yankees?? I swear I thought I was watching the YES network. Keep it in your pants. Yankees suck. Get over it.
Theron Hobbs Looks like ESPN didn't fire their social media staff...
Douglo Forgi LET'S GO YANKEES!!!
David Michael Robb New-look rivalry? Same old east coast bias. What ever pays the bills, E$PN.
Peet Russell Colgin Don't let this distract you from the fact the Baltimore Orioles are first in AL East! Cheers!
John Collins The question should be who you got left. , after you fired everybody today.
Mike Stewart you guys shouldve layed off stephen a smith...he's straight garbage..and i stay 50 channels away from anything he's on
Alex Huertas I bet ESPN will fire some more employees after the baseball game
Craig Dowden It may be very hard to believe ESPN, but I'll be watching two non-east coast teams playing baseball tonight.
Paul Mucci Sox, but I don't see much sox/Yankees rivalry anymore.
Victor Knight Tom Brady and the Pats 5- ESPN Libtards 0...... burn in flames you morons!!!!
Jason Lindgren Who cares... why does it always have to be red soxs/ Yankees
Anthony Guarnieri Espn is dead every sport has it's own network they'll be laying off another 100 before the years out
Keith Sansom ESPN was an escape from the real world. You ruined it.
Anthony Clifton Jr. I would love to know Jayston Starks analysis of the two teams, but you fired him.
Jeri Rembisz Ryan How could you keep an idiot like Rick Sutcliffe? People shouldn't have to MUTE their TVs to watch a baseball game!
David LaVoie ESPN is laying off employees because they no longer need to cover Deflategate.
Pat DeAmelio
Keith Blanck So who did ESPN can today how about the jerks on 6 pm sports center they are terrible get rid of them .
Sandra Ott I like the Yankees, Cardinals & Red Socks. But They Have Been Replaced By The MARLINS... Giggle.
Jean Hamel These two announcers are terrible!They talk about nonsense while the game is going on!Spare me!
ESPNWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 3:30pm

"To be able to live the lifestyle and provide for my family the way that football has been able to do, to me it's a trade-off that I'm willing to accept."

Matt Yarbro Must be tough not remembering the good times in Cleveland
Anthony LaGreca I'm sure it's tough to admit the ugly truth but that's life being in the NFL. I'm sure most, if not all players know that. Admitting it to the public is actually refreshing to see.
Brett Rosenberg Short term memory loss at age 32 is most certainly not part of the aging process. More and more studies are revealing that it's not necessarily concussions that will leave you with CTE down the road, but subconcussive hits -- the ones that you experience play after play without any symptoms at all. For lineman, more than any other position, it's these subconcussive blows that really begin to take their toll. It's not too often you hear about linemen getting full-blown concussions. But look at the first documented case of CTE -- offensive lineman Mike Webster.
Alex Rodriguez My point exactly if you're going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars -millions, dealing with head trauma is the trade off. God forbid you work a real job where you get paid nowhere near that
Cory Lovec Telling it like it is. Many times jobs that provide well for your family have risks. Riggers, miners, etc. Plus, if you love it and it provides for you... I'd take that risk.
John Campbell I like this guy's honesty...and he's 100% right...they know what they sign up for when they sign the contract and cash those checks...he's able to provide for his family in ways most can't...then again not being able to remember anything certainly has its drawbacks too 🙂
BJ Freeman Joe Thomas is one of the smartest guys in the NFL and a great player too. It's a shame he's played for a team that has never built anything meaningful since he's been around.
Deveyon Parlay Coleman This has to be the realest thing an NFL player has said... Making millions, living good and making sure your family good, while doing something you love to do... It's hard to quit that... He living his childhood dream... It's hard to just give that up, when your actually living it
Tom Eshenbaugh Memory loss comes with age. I didn't play in the NFL and I forget stuff daily. My theory is that we have such an easy time obtaining information and we are overwhelmed with it or a brain cannot function the way they used to and therefore we are losing memory because were gaining more
Bob Edwards Yeah its all fine and dandy until your kids are changing your diapers at age 50. Yeah you can provide a great life for them as a football player,but you can do the same being a Doctor or Lawyer. Of course it looks like a great trade off to the player because they aren't the ones who are going to have to see their father forget who they are, how to eat, and use the bathroom. I get what he's trying to say but I disagree 100%
Kenny Dewitt Over a decade of banging helmet- to-helmet is just as bad as 5 years of boxing. Clearly most NFL players don't value their lives until their professional careers are over. Then it starts to hit 'em. Pretty hard to enjoy your riches when your brain doesn't function properly.
Isaac J. Clubb I'm 36 this year and I am lucky if I remember if I know what I did a day ago. I love Joe Thomas and hope that before he retires he can bring a ring to the Land before the sun sets on his great career.
Larry Winslow I feel more pity for the 100 employees and their families you pushed out of your company today. My former employer did the same thing to me in January and I am just now finding work again. Shame on all of you at ESPN and Disney. Just plain cruel and heartless. You say it's just business. I may just boycott the advertisers who you do business with. I'll stop buying anything Disney. Shame on all the corporate fat cats over in Bristol involved in this decision. I hope all of you at least lose a little sleep tonight over the families you have affected today. You could pay George Lucas a truckload of money for the Star Wars franchise, build 4 huge cruise ships, but you can't find the money to pay these 100 people? Unbelievable.
Lisa Killian it's an extremely dangerous job that's why they get paid ridiculous amounts of money if it was easy anyone could do it how much different is it from boxers and hockey players they all get concussions and head injuries you know the risk going in.. you sign the contract .you reap the benefits I feel bad for him but it's his choice and he made it
Ali Vonal All hard contact sports are similar and all the players know this. They all know that head injuries are a very real possibility. Everyone knows this. But we still play and we still tune in. So this whole sentiment that the NFL is responsible is nonsense.
Dillon Dean Sanders Wow, those poor guys. I can't imagine suffering from memory loss. What I would do to wake up every morning without any idea of who I am only to discover that I have millions of dollars to my name. Must be nice.
Justin Matuszewski Watch the interview!! People are blowing this out of control he even says " it could be that I'm getting older" he's forgetting what he's going to the grocery store for. Lol there's not a person out there that hasn't had this happen!
Will Baez Joe Thomas is the realist, most sincere player in the NFL with the actual ability to articulate his thoughts. Not to mention he's a future HOFer. He deserves to have won a hell of a lot more than he has.
Ryan Nichols I'm trying to remember a time where Jamele Hill and Stephen A Smith weren't the worst male and female talents in the business and yet they still have jobs...
Nick Emanuele If you don't want to risk injury, do not play! Quit throwing a pity party for these athletes. No one is forcing them to play a sport for a living! If they wanted, they could apply to yelp and make 50 grand a year selling crap to idiots!
Earl Poindexter I respect his opinion, but if things continue to go south, don't look for anyone to blame. Look in the mirror, if you're still coherent.
Drew Theiss In most cases, the guys get a free education, contacts, classes on money management and tons of opportunities but yet don't take advantage of it.
Jayson Yarossi I think the cost of playing in the NFL is perfectly acceptable, so long as the players are aware of the risks. I think most people, even knowing the risks, would still do it for the kind of paycheck these guys get.
Decker Roberts High risk, high reward. I've never had a problem with brain injuries and football. (Ex college player) They signed up, didn't they?
Louie Flores I know that getting your bell rung a bunch of times is not good for you but a lot of these guys just want to get on the "get paid list.".
ESPNWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 3:05pm

Another extension could make Russell Westbrook the highest-paid player in the NBA.

Jonathan Robert Heller He deserves it. And don't even give me that "he throws games away" crap. Without Russ, the only thing OKC would be competing for this year is against Brooklyn for that #1 overall pick
Kyle Ball Championships or not, if he does stay, he will leave a greater legacy than KD could ever dream of. It's good for the entire NBA to have players like him who don't join super teams. Competition is a good thing.
Evander Blue Yo can you Houston fans shut the hell up about winning. Westbrook has never one a ring but he has been successful in the playoffs. He has a Conference championship, been to the finals, injuries killed their hopes some years, but Westbrook has had some success. He been farther then James harden, Chris paul, Isaiah Thomas, John wall, etc. so get off his back (Ik James harden was on his team, I'm talking post OKC James harden)
Joseph Whitney Im not going to knock Westbrook, but the constant coverage of a team and player that is not a contendor is garbage... Maybe cover teams and players that actually have a shot at a ring...
BJ Freeman I don't like him, but he's easily one of the best players in the NBA. Needs another all-star caliber player to take the pressure off him though. Too much reliance on one guy is never good.
Benjamin Kue Westbrook is a great player and all but the reality is that no one wants to play with him. People say KD is weak for going to GS but my guess is that he went there so he could play with curry and company. People don't go to Cleveland because of Cleveland, they go to play with LeBron. I wouldn't be surprised if Westbrook doesn't play with another legit all star player while in his prime.
Toxion Snipes Maybe it's crazy for him to stay. But can't knock the dude for not ring chasing like Lebron and KD trying to do. Yea everybody say a ring is the ultimate goal but i see loyalty from Russ. Ain't nomore Kobe,Dirk or Tim Duncan left anymore to finish with one franchise. I just hope he don't pull this down the line and jumpship. These athletes can't win either way. Ppl still will crticize him no matter what happen.
Brandon Hannebaum Go ahead and make Russell Westbrook the highest paid player in the NBA, and have fun exiting the playoffs in the first round.
Nicholas Panariello Money aside.... Its nice to see that he wants to play at OKC, and he is remaining loyal to his fans, teammates and organization. He has taken pay cuts in the past, and it won't surprise me at all if he does it again.
Steve Baker Classy!!;! Take note paul george!!! Westbrook needs a lot of help to but u dont see him running the mouth and talking bout going elsewhere!!!
Joey Figueroa Man, that's a whole lot of OKC Westbrick's coverage. You would swear that it isn't even a team down there. That man will never win a ring because he'll continue to take 50 shots a game and won't get his team involved. After all, that's why KD left out. Who wants to play for a guy that's more about themselves than the team?
James Matias Don't do it. Take the pay cut or less than what they offer and tell them to build around you. Melo, D-Wade, Blake Griffin, Serge Ibaka, or Jrue Holiday. Even try trading Oladipo and a 1st round draft pick to the Knicks for Porzingis. They asked for a player and a pick and they're already losing D-Rose so they need a guard. Move Adams to PF and throw Porzingis at Center. Two solid big men and a guard that can make things happen.
Josh Moore This is how you build a legacy. Guys like this deserve more respect than those who bail to join super teams and chase rings.
Clayton Matheuw Hooray they'll be the epitome of mediocrity for years to come because they won't be able to afford any good shooters to put around him. He'll continue his triple-double quest for a few more seasons though before he starts to decline.
Derricke Summerfield Management better get Russ some help and fast. The way Russ plays his career will be cut short. Without help ! His boys will be getting rings and he will be trying not to get aggravated !
Sam Pence So he can take a terrible team and make them slightly mediocre? "Without Russ, OKC is competing for the #1 pick in the draft." But with him they still suck 😂 They need other players to compliment him (if that's possible) and they aren't going to afford that if they make their lone player the highest paid player in the league.
Victor Guzman Has anyone ever thought of, what if Westbrook was the one to leave instead of harden? Do you think KD & Harden would've won a championship?
Dennis Hagerich Is everyone afraid of this guy?...Take the ball out of his hands, get a point guard, and a hard nosed coach who will make it happen...
Art Leppert Again that's why he did what he did this year. Being selfish so that he can get paid vice teaching and getting his teammates involved to actually try and win championship
Jonathan Lewis Barnfather The best thing I seen was a meme where's its KD all shook saying when u realize warriors didn't need u but just needed u not to help Russ HHaha
Marcelo Loeza westbrick has a lot of idiots convinced that he's the real deal in okc but he only cares about padding his stats and making good money but okc will never get out of the first round of the playoffs let alone win a championship with mediocre brick running the point... they can put lbj n they still wouldn't get out of the first round. westbrick takes 30+shots n only make about 39%
Zachary Louis If I had a dollar for every time an NBA superstar said the team they were on was the place they wanted to be long term- maybe I'd have enough to save some jobs at ESPN
DeMondre Williams Even if a good offensive player comes to help Russ he will still run them out of OKC 💯 just like he did with KD why in the closing of a game you don't give the rock to your best offensive player/closer to end the games? KD made the right decision to leave
Joseph Cruz Wealth and being loyal to the team that drafted you is nice! But, you play the game to One Day become a world champion. And that's not going to happen for him in Oklahoma City
Ricky Rangel If anything they should be trying to unload him for a star and picks. They're no closer to making a playoff push with him in the line up or out of the line up.
ESPNWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 3:00pm

The year’s top talent is a 17-year-old phenom from Giancarlo Stanton’s alma mater.

Zach Armenta So you lay off 100 people including the other 300 a couple weeks ago but you keep insider. This is why you suck espn. Fox is far better and I wish they were televising the draft tomorrow.
Erik Elmer All the money you lose creating and actually paying people to write "insider" articles, you could probably use that money to pay the 100 people youre firing.
Keith Pulles You should have laid off Insider lol
David Stacey So espn is laying off anyone who is not a liberal. Maybe I should switch to Fox sports?
Andrew Graus got excited about this one, until i saw insider, yet they still wonder how they are losing viewers.
Michael McIntee Is ESPN trying to miss pitches in the Yankee/Red Sox game? Just keep your cameras on the game, please
Harrison James I sat in George Clooney's seat in college.. where's my comparison?
Jordan Anthony Watkins ESPN insider is a joke. Hate people are losing their jobs...... But it's so nice to see horrible company struggle.
Brett Shadrick ESPN should lay off insider.....
John Smith I've been boycotting ESPN ever since the Brady witchhunt.
David Contreras You still have a job?
Steve Plutschack Someone lay off insider
Dirk Mclelland You fire 100 people and Stephen A Smith was not one of them? SMH>>>>>>>
Charles McKenney No one watches you anymore due to your liberal politic spin
Tom Fitzgerald Keith law kept his job it seems haha
Joe Fisher Gotta send this kid to the reds hes in our backyard
Christopher Till You're still in business?
ESPNWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 2:38pm

Not every player get "M-V-P" chants on the road.

Isaiah Thomas is not every player.

Benji Andrews Typical player who exceeds expectations and now thinks he's one of the greats in the league. He's good but probably not top 10 in the league. Also arrogant af
Mike Blight He's a great underdog story. Last pick in the 2011 draft wherein another star point guard, Kyrie, was picked first overall. Hard worker on the offensive end. A great culture fit for the city of Boston that prides itself on a "blue collar" approach to life. Like the citizens, he has had to work against all odds to get where he is today. But, let's not mistake popularity chants of "MVP" for a legitimate case for best player this season. Wonderful offensive talent, great personality fit for a franchise. Isaiah is not a player that is the face of a franchise -- at least a franchise that wants to have a reasonable chance to make it far in the post-season.
Korey Anthony Hes Celtics MVP, that's all that matters. His play almost single-handedly got us the #1 seed. Even though we probably don't belong there. Which is a testament to his play.
Joey Marvin I like IT. And I understand that the nba rarely calls these things. But it is hillarious to watch him constantly double dribble and palm the ball and never get called on it.
Marcus Napolian Smith Not every player switches teams,begs for mercy and blames everyone for their problems.Lebron James is not every player.
Ron Becker Chicago Bulls are appreciative that he came to play. He could have called off to mourn.
Nick Psb McAlister
Tom Glockolino ESPN has become nothing more than a leftist propaganda outlet!!! RIP ESPN!!!!
Wong Fu I hate everything Boston, except IT2. Love that brothah.
Zack Parker Yeah we know, he's short.
Derek Jones Dats wassup celtics all day baby lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon May Russ got mad MVP chants on the road, just saying. Props to Thomas though, he's a baller
Alex Ward Everyone with a brain knows he's not the MVP.
Eric Campbell Buy double dribbling every time he has the ball
Craig Peterburs
Bj Parreño Ask lebron if he can guard you
Chris Whit Gets*
Nick Lopez Kobe did it with the Boston Celtics fans
Isaiah Bobfttw Chisolm Great offensive piece. Needs to work on his perimeter defending.
Bob Smith Ummmm,I think those fans were drunk
Deo Dequito Its either him or leonard is the mvp.
Dave Green Robert T. Williams
Sory García Martínez The MVP is Westbrook...
Joe Williams Evidently by picking up his dribble
Mark Dussault Oh god.
ESPNWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 2:30pm

"If I accomplish nothing more in my life, if I go right now, I'll be going out a blessed man."

David Swinford "The Pope turned down Harbaugh's request for a satellite camp in the Vatican."
Jonathan Alonzo If the Wolverines win the Championship next know every team will be breaking down the walls trying to get an audience with the pope.
Robert Hood Surprised you're covering what a middle aged white guy did! You just laid off most of them and kept the terrible and inexperienced ones. And Stephen A Smith
Cody Hall Baptist Church straight out of the Bible is the right form of Christianity. Not talking about the watching the Super Bowls at church- Baptist churches either. Sorry for all the northerners that grow up around nothing but Catholic churches.
Scott Wilder Boycotting ESPN. Firing some of the best they have is a bad idea. Everybody please do your best to stop watching.
Erik Hartl Tyler Meadows the pope is gonna be rockin Jordan's under the robes
Nick Santos I wonder why he didn't win. He should had went straight to the Father, not the Pope. The Catholic church wanted to over throw football because it was played on a Sunday.
Rick McNamara The Pope is a Buckeyes fan and threw that straight in the trash....
Austin Cyrus You know its a big deal when Harbaugh isn't wearing khakis
John Koenig Lucifer still trying to get back on God's good side with bribes smh
Gareth Bill This is equally funny and awesome. I'm not Michigan fan, but Harbaugh is the man!
Sean McClellan I don't get all the hype with Harbaugh. What has he done really?
Christine Lawless James McManaman I'm sure he accepted the gifts but made sure to tell him he is an Irish fan!
Scott Hooper And the Pope replied "oh ye foolish child, but thou can not beat the Buckeyes, O-H."
Tray Byram Maybe one day Harbaugh will be lucky enough to meet St.Nick Saban.
Brett Lewis Still not gonna help you win a championship Jimmy Boy.
John Strauss Pope also turned down the Jordans. He is signed with the big baller brand
Mathius Tomas Much better story. Thank you ESPN for getting back on track!
Martha Mackay Glad he took his hat off to meet the Pope, what a terrific thing for all involved. ❤
Greg Kassner That Jordan box looks like it's been through the ringer.
Sean O'Connell Michigan helmet proceeds to burst into flames. Tends to happen when you hand an unholy artifact such as that to the Pope.
Kameron Roach You would think he'd get and all white pair with a custom made box which is also white. #Lame
Michael Wells Lucky dog.... The Pope got to meet Jim Harbaugh! GO BLUE!!!!
Kevin Webb It's non sports articles like this that got 100 people canned today...
Joseph Abrigo As important, the gift of Life when you were born my son 😍
ESPNWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 2:14pm

It's the night before draft day...

Mike Kester You fire Werder and Stark, but you keep Stephen A. Smith? What possible justification could you have for keeping that loudmouth jackwagon?
Nick Spomer Can't wait to watch the NFL draft on NFL Network and not espn. You would think that with 90% of the comments on here and twitter the slow melon head espn management team would do something but nope. Their own moron public ombudsman understands this and just capitulates. Goodbye espn you are slowly dying like Sears and Radio Shack.
Bryon Pratt and all through the house, no creature was stirring, they all got laid off.
Nancy Wright I'm just sick about Danny being fired. I'll miss him and Ryen. Is it too late to change your mind and let Stephen A. Smith and Dan LeBatard go instead? I'll miss him and Ryen.
Tim Brandt The night before draft day and you fired some of my favorite people, but yet SC6 still has Yup Yup and Ding Ding! ESPN... the Cleveland Browns on Draft day! Booooooo!
Ryan Drum 😦😈🦃🌲❤️☘️🐣🎉🏉This isn't Halloween, Christmas, valentines Saint Patrick's and easter party in NFL Draft this is the NFL Draft Party.
Reggie Brann ESPN ........ Are you reporting on your own news? If so, just blame it on Trump. Leave Jay Bilas and Seth Greenberg on the team.
Josh Miller Every other post for a while now has been people complaining about the 6 and Stephen a. Smith. So u keep them and get rid of some greats? Wow no wonder u are having to do layoffs. More to come I'm sure as long as u keep trying to shove the 6 down everyone's throats.
Adam Moore
Nick Read Am I going to have a comment that can stay on here without being deleted? ESPN has just become a clown show lol.
Nick Read Looks like ESPN has decided to become a hot take machine rather than having a shred of credibility.
Alex Huertas So..... ESPN still considers the leader in World Wide sports even after firing a great amount of employees
John DeMilo With all the layoffs, ESPN can only cover the only two sports they are any good at....NFL and NBA.
Jonathan Bishop Is it true ESPN is giving layoffs? Awesome. Maybe Your network should stay away from propaganda
Jackson Powers Looks a but like a race purge by espn.. where is the entire list.. It is going to be great. Should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Jordan Long
Christopher Till You're still in business? Not that it matters because I was going to watch it on NFL Network anyway.
Kevin Carr Mel Kiper fired on Monday morning lol
Teresa Jones When I heard about the layoffs I figured the first moron out the door would be Stephen A. Smith. Nope! They kept him.
Tom Oleary Sinking ship
Xavier Matthew & espn' gift . lay off 100 employees
Jim Farrelly well this should be a new low
Ed Deisher All these layoffs and you kept Mark May??? Idiots!
Andrew Marshall Ships going down with Stephen A..
Michael Navarrete ....and ESPN fired another 100 people.
ESPNWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 2:00pm

The Toronto Blue Jays baserunner wasn't the only one to play a part in a truly epic slice of MLB theater.

Tom Clawson Middle America wants to pop a beer and listen to sports talk, they don't want to be lectured about why Caitlyn Jenner is a hero, Michael Sam is the new Jackie Robinson of sports, and Colin Kaepernick is the Rosa Parks of football. ESPN made the mistake of trying to make liberal social media losers happy and as a result lost millions of viewers.
Kaleb Steiger Will Ferrell said it best “They say nothing’s more American than grabbing a hot dog, heading to the ballpark, and watching nine guys from the Dominican Republic make magic on the field,”
Jeffrey Daughtry Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon. #MarriedWithChildren
Engel Dela Cruz The Houston Rockets will likely face the powerhouse San Antonio Spurs in the 2017 NBA Western Conference Semifinals. It will surely be a very tough series but I still believe that the Rockets will win that series. They just need to apply very tough defense against Kahwi Leonard (the heart and soul of the Spurs Team) and make life difficult for him. If Kahwi will struggle, the Spurs will have a hard time to score because of old age. The Rockets are Better Three-Point Shooters and are Quicker in transition plays.
Hank Sledge Sliding involves sliding across the ground. This was more of a somersault.
Frank Kalisz Forget POLITICS and Stick to what made ESPN in the first place! SPORTS!!
Alex Greenwood Wow! ESPN is really messed up! I guess that's what you become, when you mix sport with politics.
Sean Noll Scott Noll he looks like a dentist 😂
Steve Dion Meanwhile...
Tom Rogers It was not a SLIDE
Roy Young Play of the year and it's not even May.
Christopher Till How are you still in business? We liked this guy in Chicago. Great to see that play. Shows he is still playing hard in Canada. Jordan Long
Kelly Voykin Turning point for Jays season
Dennis Nowak Awesome
William Michael Gill
Tom Keane Wasnt anything special
Aleks Melys Blue jays blow tanks are better
ESPNWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 1:19pm

"Those were a legit 71 points."

The Undefeated looks back on The Admiral's best-ever scoring effort.

Juwan Miller If you can do it. I don't care if it is stat paddIng or running up the score. If you can drop 70, do it. If they can't stop you, let them know it. Put your foot on their throats. Forget all that sportsmanship nonsense, that is how you blow 3-1 and 25 point leads. Good for The Admiral. 70 points is astounding
Harrison James Rarely mentioned among the greats, he was quiet and did his job.. the professional way.
Matt Fischer Who is writing this article since everyone got fired?
Tracy Emory That's so weak. Scoring 71 in the last game to win a scoring title. No wonder he didn't win a championship until Tim Duncan was drafted.
David Dennis Erin Peters I remember you had a picture of David Robinson on your wall for years glorifying this particular game.
Robert Derrick Glad to hear about the layoffs. When you go from being sportscasters with liberal ideas, to being liberal ideologues with sportscaster positions...Liberalism is and deserves to be a n engine of failure.
Jon Wates I already stopped watching your channel because of the rampant liberalism. Now that buccigross is gone, there is 0 chance I ever watch your channel again.
Jason Larson The Admiral is a stand-up guy. And his 4 years in college certainly helped him succeed in the NBA too. They need more players like him
Adam Hamilton Favorite player of all time. He was soooo good and people never talk about him. Loved this guy
Brian Bo That was a great show from a hof guy. Shaq even had to respect that. 🏀
Silas Joshua Kassahn All those guys hating on Robinson. 70 is not easy to get. That's why you never got it Shaq!
Junior Bugsy I never liked the Spurs, they could have Jesus coming off the bench and I would still not like them and I feel the same way about the Pats.
Cedric Aaron Jr Onyeka Ossai---your boy was a beast and I think he doesn't get enough love as an All Time great center.
Chris Kennedy He's no Shaq. Shaq is the most dominant center of all time.
Jeremiah Lamberty David D Rob Robinson we were just talking about this..respect to #50
Adam Young Justice for Ed Werder, Trent Dilfer and all the other employees!!!!!
David Johnston Isn't it amazing how all the oppression in America stopped the day Colin Kaepernick became a free agent?
Michael Netta You learned yet? Stick to sports. Real Americans don't want to hear your delusional liberal opinions on politics.
Piotr Borewicz Best guns ever seen in the NBA.
Tracy Emory I don't understand being a competitor? Intentionally Fouling so your guy can get more possession to score is lame.
Kevin Hildreth He's still one of my favorite players of all time. And my #1 center
Corey Cooper He was 26-41. If you can score 71 on 41 shots you do it.
Will Russell
John Eisenring So what...Hakeem dominated Shaq and Robinson in his era.
Alex Huertas The day ESPN made their firings official