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ESPNSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 9:58pm

Glenn Robinson III jumped over three people, including Paul George, to ice the dunk contest with a perfect score.

Anthony Alviar Like this if this was the worst dunk contest ever. #NotMyDunkContest
Jordan Wilson He can jump out of the gym but none of his dunks were very technical just wish some of the other guys could have actually made their dunks
Marquis Hawkins He had some Ok dunks, but they lacked excitement. I think Aaron Gordon had more tricks up his sleeve, but he should've never tried to compete with a foot injury.
Bruce Lopez Worst dunk contest ever... I don't understand why the NBA won't invite the best dunkers in the world regardless of age or affiliation to put on a showcase. I've seen some high school kids with better dunks this year.
Joey E. Lugo This year's contest was bad, but lest we forget there was a year where Jeremy Evans won it so it definitely wasn't the worst.
Zach Hitterman This years contest sucked. I want last years back.
Randall McEnaney U could hear crickets when he was crowned the winner and held the trophy above his head. I didn't hear one person cheering. Instead I heard silence and people rushing for the exits lol. Pathetic dunk contest.
Sed Champion this is one event that should be canceled. I remember when it use to be 10 players in the dunk contest. now it begins with 4 contenders and all of them trying to jump over people. find something else, that's dead and over with!!
Brandon Johnson you need to let non nba professional dunkers enter the contest thru fan voting to take on these trash nba dunkers... only way to save the contest
Joshua Sampson Don't let this distract from the fact that the dunk contest was terrible.
Alvarado Carlos This dunk contest was awful in my opinion. Best part about tonight was the $500,000 being donated to cancer research.
Matt Varner I would've rather watched Steph brick half court shots all night then watch this again
Marquis Swinton
John Kourosh Saad Javed Isn't this the dude that won on our 2K17 dunk contest
Scott Perry The whole All star weekend is lame. Just a bunch of stars goofing around.
Kyle Rae They ball up guys had. Better dunks during the celeb game smh
Matias Calquin DJ Khaled went 1 for 3 while Steph Curry went 0-11 tonight. You're the real MVP
Patrick Bates The weakest dunk ever to close out a dunk contest. #garbage
Chris Durham Contest was extremely disappointing, along with the 3 pt contest. #shouldofkeptitincharlotte
Micah JoJo Kennedy "Low key... was the BEST contest ever!!" Said no one
Phillip Wayne Johnson I don't watch the Saturday night all star festivities, but how did the D leaguer do?
John Hilliard #Boring
Gregory Pearsoll Weakest dunk contest in years. 2016 was WAY better... and we need better talent in the dunk contest.
Luis Ayala Jr. Boring. Let me NBA players dunk vs street ballers that can actually dunk to step up their game
Art Medina Weakest dunk contest ever. Big Dogg would disapprove
ESPNSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 9:46pm

Aaron Gordon may not have won the dunk contest, but he did successfully use a drone for his opener.

Anthony Alviar The earth may not be flat but this years dunk contest was. #NotMyDunkContest
Leo Berrones
Dominic Torres This dunk contest was garbage, the crowd wasn't even getting into it either
Joe Gilmore lol I really hope you all realize that Gordon was dealing with a foot injury. Really bad dunk contest tho and the crowd was no better. Hoping Gordon and Lavine return next year to get the excitement back.
Darrius Dixon Thats what happens when you let sponsors control everything. All these sports pushing Intel. Like when KIA was in on Griffins Dunks. Too many props and missed dunks
Dereck Gilman "He did successfully use a drone" He never was actually flying it, and it took 4 embarrassingly long tries. I'd hardly say anything about the dunk contest was very successful πŸ˜‚
Jason Nokes No originality other than this attempt. It was mostly just the dunkers jumping over 2 or 3 people. I'm not saying that's not impressive, but I was hoping to see more originality.
Adam Wright He might as well have had the drone drop the ball through the hoop, cause Gordon couldn't get anything to go through the hoop tonight.
Ryan Caldwell If they want it to be hype for next year they should do it in Detroit next year. Pistons are getting a new arena downtown that's supposed to be really nice. Fans would definitely be into it, unlike this year.
Michael Luckett It wasn't that great, the shooting contest was alright and the skills challenge was way too short. Hope the game tomorrow is better than today and I can't wait till the next half of the season.
Orlando Pimentel Contest was boring. They should go back to the basics of dunking, not this fancy crap that causes them to miss more dunks. Missing dunks kill it!
Besim Selimovic Better than LaVine?hahahaha GTFOH idiots hahaha he's good to only clean LaVine's shoes lol couldn't pass first round in weak contest.
Lawrence Anderson Worst Dunk Contest EVER!! Let the fans vote the participants next year NBA!! Stars wont say no to that. #ThePlayersWorkForYou
Reland Murillo Limon Too much antics. Do it the old school way! Yup this edition of the All-star is boring. Sponsors ruined it! NOLA fans what the?
Nick Cole I'm so sick of what's become of all the all-star games in every sport. These athlete's could have never played 20 years ago. Every athlete just wants to get millions of dollars after 1 or 2 mediocre seasons. For Christ sakes a bum like Johnny manziel made more money than Walter Payton.
Chris Prete
Tanner Meyer Lavine brought the dunk contest back, Gordon just drowned it in the ocean. The entire night was an embarrassment to all star weekend
Justin Williams Was hoping brock lesnar appeared to F5 the participants
Alex Moreira Food for thought Kevin Durant vs rusell Westbrook one-one. Would create rating sky high
Amir Zaire
Eu El Would had been nice to see the ball caught and dunked without the bounce
Nico Echin
Tom Black The worst slam dunk contest ever recorded. Vince Carter was the greatest.
Ryan Mansour How the hell did he only get a 38 for that, and the D-League guy got 37 for a missed dunk? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ESPNSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 9:36pm

NBA players and celebrities from the crowd started a 3-point contest to raise money for the SagerStrong Foundation.

Anthony Alviar Don't let his distract you from the fact that Dj Khaled shot a better % than Steph curry for charity.
Craig Mapp Who else was surprised that DJ Khaled made a shot before Reggie Miller? πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ Who else tuned out half the time because this year felt a bit underwhelming?
Paul Pena Everyone else had gotten them close to the $500,000 and Curry had three shots to just get one shot and he could have got them all the way to it.. the guy just isn't good when he has three chances to finish something off ...
Jake Gozun Cavs fan: your point guard missed 8 half court shots for charity. Me: Your point guard thinks the earth is flat.
Justin McKee Thank you James Harden for stepping off to the side and just chucking! That was awesome to see, and this was a fantastic idea for the foundation!
Terrell D. Turner
Cole Letch Reggie Miller volunteered thinking he was gonna make a lot of buckets. Dj Khaled: You played yourself πŸ”‘
Taylor Kayne Nelson This is Possibly the worst all star saturday ever
Adin Ducker don't let this distract you from the fact DJ khaled made more threes than steph curry and Reggie miller
Matt Sanchez Craig Sagers son's dunk was more impressive than any dunk in this years dunk contest.
Dustin Musick I don't like Hardin but it was cool to see him get out of line and make like 30k for the cause
Brian Collison This all star weekend was so terrible This was a disappointment
David Kurr
Colton Cellars Curry said he need 3 shots. He said he hoped it would only take one. 3-1. Warriors blew a 3-1 lead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jay LeBretton
Maria Papadaki Lmao lame next time get street ballers for the contest pathetic Saturday night Allstar just stop it embarrassing
Jimmy Koah You guys are pathetic lol this whole thing wasn't even about curry
Chad Martin im glad they hit their monetary mark,but man it was great to see Curry not be able to hit from half court....CHOKEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Cole Younger Nic Harrington This was actually super cool
Nicholas Beikman Triston Fulton Best thing to happen all night
Austin Jones Dunk contest was hard to watch
Tee Hardy Kalid actually made one! πŸ˜‚
Shaquille Adams Most exciting part of tonight tbh
Kevin Miller Loved that
Adam Brown Best part of the night.
ESPNSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 9:17pm

Eric Gordon got hot and stayed hot.

Brad Ehringer Don't let this distract you from Chef has unlimited range but couldn't make a half court shot with nearly unlimited attempts.
James Lake A rare photo of Kyrie preparing for his geography test, Circa 2017. Colorized.
Joey Tawarahara Curry said he needed only 3 shots to make one at halfcourt for $500k...last time he had 3 shots for anything GSW blew a 3-1 lead...
Samarth Aradhya Last year's was the best since Carter. Gordon did get 'robbed' off the title. Was hoping for redemption. Utterly disappointed.
John Holmes Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat. He lost twice today.
Lawrence Asare Klay was the NBA 2016 "3" pt shootout champion. Klay did not pass the "1"st round of this year shootout contest. Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.
Brian Fowler Aaron Gordon sucked and stayed sucked.
Gil Adrian Limbag
Graybush Fam What are NBA ratings like these days? Can't be good. Yawn.
Tim Majors I'm trying to think of a good Irving joke but they keep falling flat
Nathaniel O'Dell This contest is absolute piss. I'm sorry lol
Chris Prete
Zac Flynn Congrats Eric Gordon. HOOSIER!!!!
Kevin McCormack Ernest only thing rockets winning this year
Brandon Bauernfeind Now they're just handing out 50's
Joe Pido Ho hum!!
Ray Atkins As a Rockets fan this pleases me. Great job Eric!!!
Tony Trenkle Jr. 3 point contest was the best one of the night
Dustin Bush Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers
Mathew Do All star is boring this year
Dom Devereaux Dunk contest sucked
Amir Zaire Get Lebron in the dunk contest expeditiously!
Brad Kerner Indiana is representing this yr
Tyler Stailey Drew Faulkner Marcus Crawford
Scott Miller Andrew DaCosta Zoheib Chatoor my 2k player
ESPN shared NBA on ESPN's live video.Saturday, February 18th, 2017 at 8:45pm
The Jump's Rachel Nichols and Verizon provide Unlimited Access before the dunk contest
Kenny G Poet A dunk contest is not that impressive after you realize these athletes only have to jump about 4 feet for a dunk. I also think the NBA is one of the most unequal in all sports. They speak about equality, but yet never act upon it. If you are white then this sport is not for you.
Peter Broberg I like how all of you are commenting on something that you claim to not care about
Terrell D. Turner Don't let this distract you from the fact that Curry blew a 370.000 dollar lead
William Warden Professional sports don't mean nothin. Neither does the media.
Dave Darling Does she work for ESPN or CNN????
Bryce Williams I'd give her every inch I got
ESPN was live.Saturday, February 18th, 2017 at 8:31pm

Straight from New Orleans with Chris Haynes for the Verizon Unlimited Access Saturday report.

Alan Trα»‹nh Russell Westbrook would rather be on the East team to go up against the 4 Warriors All-Star players than to be with them in the West team.
David Lichford Unfollow, tired of ESPN politics.... Caitlyn Jenner a hero, apparently they and I differ greatly on our definition of a hero.
Jeff Lopez Westbrook will just go off!!! Like he did in Brooklyn ASG!!! Don't matter whose coaching!!!
Edgardo Soto When you have an Aetna and can't watch the all star game 😭😭
Annette Lewis RIH Craig SagerπŸ™πŸΎ
Drew Craven First
Kevin Guyitt Can't hear him!
Jeremy Vasic Vince carter
Charles Phillips There yards go
German Brites Acosta Muy buenoo
Jorge Lemos At what time will bigin the game,i'm waiting...
J Orangejuice Kush we going to see the best dunks of all time tonight!!
Jose le Guiffor Biggy game
Edgardo Soto Let's Go Suns
Steve Chimenti Surprised Thompson lost 3 point contest
Margaret Ortiz Cool
Emery Black LBJ
James Francis Where is Erin Andrews?
David Wolfe Hi
Abe Tilahun πŸ’―
Abe Tilahun πŸ’ͺ🏾
Naida Nicole NuΓ±ez Mora Hola
Austin Petersen DJ Khalid has made more shots tonight than Curry
Steve Pidhoresky Gonna be terrible
Charles Phillips The mic isn't working
ESPNSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 8:30pm

The unicorn is now the tallest (7'3") to ever win it.

Bobby Fisher Don't let this distract you from the fact that steph went 0-20 for Craig Sager
C Hardy Jerome The best thing that's happened to the Knicks in a long time
Lynden Mazur They should do things that are kind of difficult. An average Joe could walk in there and beat them especially with the effort they put in.
Matt Hengy Dj Khaled drained more shots tonight then Steph has
Scott Rogers Watching all star Saturday night, and I really miss the days of mj vs Dominique in the slam dunk contest, these last few dunk contests have really sucked
Michael Young The Unicorn is the real deal... someone get him away from Dolan ASAP! #freeoakley
Brian Fowler Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time.
Danny Martinez Probably the only time in the next half a century a knicks banner will be hung from the rafters.
Craig Sanders Let's gooo drago
Bryce Mikonsky Dont forget Curry blew $500,000 to lead into Craig Sager Foundation.
Nicholas Watson Kenny the Jet was 0 for 3 on who would win the contests today.
Mike Calkins He is probably the worst player in NBA history to ever win it. He should retire now.
Karl Ardisana Just watched it. Only knick to win anything this year...
Jameson Mosher Why is he "the unicorn" and not "the giraffe"... am I missing something?
Adin Ducker Don't let this distract you from the fact that DJ Khaled just donated $10,000 to the Sager Strong foundation
Zach Hitterman After how they booed him on draft day I hope the Knicks never do good and he gets traded and wins a few championships.
David Greder Too bad he doesn't make passes like that in the game for us we might have less turnovers per game
Akio Fish That moment when Steph Curry thinks hes in the NBA Finals and bricks every shot.
Max Richter He look like stinky
Alberto Bert Grieve Charles Oakley got better seats here than at msg
Gary Massenburg Jr. Unicorn sighting
Phillip Walker Porzingas been πŸ’΅
Dennis Hagerich
Austin Truitt Cody Lee didn't see that coming
Tristan Schinzel There's skill in the NBA????
ESPNSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 6:00pm

Jay Cutler and Adrian Peterson could be on the move.

Which moves could the rest of the NFC North make this offseason?

Joshua Mohl They tagged the wrong jay cutler πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Justin Martes I say if other teams wanna pick up that huge contract then ya can have AP I don't wanna see the man go but we have much bigger issues than having AP stay on the team
Matt Vanderbeek Vikes should offer AP 5 mil a year for two years and if he doesn't take it let him go. I love AP but we got too much other work to do on the o-line and defensive depth to lock up a bunch of money on him.
Allen Hoiseck Jr. Jay Cutler should go to the Browns because they can use him and that team doesn't want to win championships anyway.
Nathanael Free ESPN, go home you're drunk. You tagged the wrong Jay Cutler.
Bobby Joyce Lmao if Jay Cutler lifts so much, why is he always on the shelf?
Phillip Walker Cutler already gone. I bet the Bears go after Romo or Tyrod Taylor.
Isaac Smoley Hey ESPN, you need to hire some people to proof read these posts. Dont believe me? Click on the link to jay cutler
Karpinski Daniel I love i when they tag the bodybuilder and not the QB. It's hilarious.
Alan Faygenblat If we lost Victor Cruz only other player we want is Adrian Peterson or bring back Victor
James Donnellan I say bears trade for AJ McCaronon. He has shown promise and is not the high price as grapolo. Then draft straight defense in the draft
Charlie McNeil Pretend your receiver is a safety, you'll hit it every time! -George Lopez @JayCutler
Nicholas Waslo Jonathan Waslo they tagged mr olympia jay instead lol
Jordan Vega Ap come to the giants an u will have a super bowl ring
Nick Zanni As a pack fan I gotta say, I'm gonna be sad to see Cutler go, that guy's been my 2nd fav QB.
Jim Benson I just think Peterson, fumbles at the worse time , but we blamed Blair walsh.
Nathan Daniel Duffy Cutler needs to get out of Chicago. Maybe some team will give him a better chance to win.
Alexander John-Felix Donahoe Don't let this distract you from my misspelled comment
Nicholas Osterloo Vince Olejniczak click on the Jay Cutler name in this
Jimmy Horton Jay Cutler got jacked
Joseph Ientile I'm not on the move I couldn't even play long snapper for a high school team
Salvador Mendoza
Travis Carey
Justin Adams Breaking : Texans sign cutler for 82 million.
Jt Archer Harambe moved from the Cincinnati Zoo to the grave.
ESPNSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 5:30pm

According to The King, Lebron vs. Steph is nowhere close to the classic rivalries in sports.

Andrew Copa I mean he's right. They play different positions. They rarely match up on the court, and when they do one of them physically dominates the other. Steph is still a great player, but he versus LeBron 1v1 would be unfair. There is no head to head matchup between the two, just their teams.
Blake Zenner How you gonna have a rivalry, when only one of them shows up in the finals?
Erick Velasquez Why would you even Make that comparison or "rivalry" in the first place? lol that's so disrespectful to Lebron come on man there's levels to this game and steph isn't nowhere near Lebron
Blake Williams NBA has become such a side show. Every year there is a legitimate chance for only 2 or 3 super teams to win it all. And you wonder why it's ratings are light years behind football and baseball.
Brad Hannah This year more than ever I'd say it's developing into a rivalry. Steph vs Kyrie and Lebron vs KD. The problem is Thompson and Green tip the scales towards GS especially if Love doesn't outplay Green.
Troy Yeager Dear ESPN, why must you say "the king." Last I checked he was not royalty, or even deserving of a title. Unless of course we're going to call him the king of obvious flops (which is supposed to be a punishable thing in the NBA, but apparently he is an exception). Would you please for the love of God, stop praising this overrated barely better than average basketball player. Thank you.
Trey Bittinger Lebron and Draymond are more of rivals than Stephen and LeBron, sure Steph is the best player on the Warriors but Draymond is the heart of that team and does everything on the floor (score,reb,ast,blk,stl) Like lebron, LeBron is just on another than Draymond, don't like Green as a player but his game 7 performance was monstrous but no one remembers it because they lost
Chris Matich IDK man I am not a huge fan of the NBA but when that Warriors Cavs matchup comes up I know what I'm watching that night. I think, even though he is too prideful to admit, deep down LeBron knows there is a rivalry there.
Michael Luckett I mean, maybe. They might be one day in my opinion, but he was wrong when he said the Warriors and Cavs are not a rivalry. They have met a couple of times in the finals and potentially going for another. You have to start somewhere and this is definitely a rivalry. You might not be fans of the teams, but you certainly enjoy the intensity and passion between the two teams when they face off and it is just fun to watch.
Graham Julius Bultema steph wouldn't have a chance against lebron one on one. with just that alone, i can't begin to think of them as rivals. i think durant would match up with lebron a little better one on one, but definitely not steph
Matt Moran The way it's worded before you read the article almost makes it seem like Lebron is saying Steph isn't a rival. He doesn't say anything like that.
Zach DeWease Lebron's right. People need to stop thinking that just because their teams have played against each other in the past couple of years automatically makes it a rivalry. It doesn't
Lester Romero LIES. Pretty sure LeBron isn't happy that Steph got back to back MVP's and a unanimous one last year. He's a competitor after all.
John Bridges Competing against one another as the two best players in basketball in back to back to back finals would be unprecedented, so it's a rivalry.
Joseph Burns A rivalry has to be a somewhat even battle. What Lebron did to Curry in the finals last year proved it's no where near that.
Todd Watkins LeBron really has no rival in the NBA right now and never really has had a true rival. Probably the biggest rival of his career has been Paul Pierce.
Jamil Harvey In Lebron defense he's a 6'8 250 PD forward steph is a 6'3 maybe 210 PD point guard, it just doesn't compare to the kind of rivils people are used too, KD and Lebron or melo vs Lebron should have been the rivalry for this generation
Jesse James May Can a center and a point guard have a rivalry? They don't guard each other ... Can a power forward and point guard have a rivalry? Really ESPN this seems like a click bait post. This would be plausible if you said golden state vs Cleveland. Also curry can't guard anyone for that matter that's why they hide him and let clay Thompson guard the other teams point guard.
Dylan M Trost Translated: Steph is not even close to my level so we can't consider it a rivalry
Ray Anthony Arvizu i am a Jordan fan but I miss the rivalries of the 1980's. Magic and Bird brought the NBA back from the dead. It was great basketball back than. The Warriors-Cavs rivalry is ok but I wish the rules would change and bring back the post for the big men could challenge each other. Too many 3 point shots and fundamental basketball needs to come back. Just my opinion
Steven Marzullo Curry is no competition to LeBron so there can't be a rivalry. LeBron bullied and physically dominated Curry all through the finals it was great!! All on the way to a championship. Thank you Cavs!!!
Shawn Graham Why should there be a rivalry? One can improve any teams win totals from the previous season before his arrival and the other has been nice enough to defer his own abilities for Kevin Durant as far as scoring much like Dwyane Wade did in Miami for LeBron and Julius Erving did in Philadelphia with Moses Malone.
Jesse Radcliff Ok get over yourself bron. Quit getting mad. Its a rivalry. He beat you the first time. You beat him the second time. N if you guys meet again it definitely would mean another rivalry game. The split match. NN no 1on 1 wouldn't be unfair. It would be a good match. Steph got great ball skills n good shooting. It be a good game
Darius Walls Outside of spurs he haven't met an NBA team more than once in the finals other than warriors and even the spurs wasn't back to back so yeah I would call them rivals
Steven Marzullo Did Curry even show up to the finals?? I couldn't any Finals MVP's for a Stephen Curry....This can't be correct????
ESPNSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 5:01pm

"I would hope it wouldn't be like that. ... It was 108 years."

Justin Brunick He will be doubt about it. After that first at bat, though, prepare for the boo birds to rain down. πŸ˜ƒ All with no disrespect, mind you.
Joel Gregory Hayworth Well he didn't go to the team that beat his team out of the playoffs, so of course there won't be a problem... The Cardinals cheered for Jim Edmonds when he returned to Busch as a Cub, the Cubs are a classy franchise (for the most part) and I would expect Dexter to at least get a brief standing ovation.
Daniel Patrick Potvin No way he's getting booed, whoever was on that 2016 Cubs roster will go down in history, they'll always be loved.
Danny N Cahue I have nothing but love and respect for Dexter Fowler. He helped my team accomplish something special and made my dream come true. I wish him and his family nothing but the best. I hope the Cubs show a video on the screen of his two years with us before his first at bat at wrigley. He will get a well deserved standing ovation. One last Fowlers Howlers. One last you go we go. After that though I can't root for you anymore Dex. I wish you luck but now when you play our Cubbies. By the way you looked a lot better in blue. That ugly red just isn't working for you bro.
Elliot Danneffel Cub fans shouldn't boo someone who played a big role in the winning of their first title in over 100 years. He was great and should be welcomed but not a big standing ovation. He went to a rival team keep in mind lol
Bobby Joyce There's no reason to boo Fowler. The Cubs knew they couldn't pay him. In 2016, he took less $$ and turned down a 3 year deal from the Orioles. Athletes gotta get paid eventually. I'm sure Zobrist will have to play somewhere else during his last couple seasons.
Larry Laufhutte Chicago has nothing but love and respect for Dexter! He came back last year for less money than he could have gotten, because he wanted to help us bring a WS back to the Cubs. I'll cheer for that man for the rest of his career.
Fred Webster Justin is right, he will be cheered. He helped the Cubbies in the run and final victory. I'm glad we had him on our team and the Cards are going to enjoying his time with them. Your are a good one Dex.
Paymun Thomas I'll never forget going to a Rockies game a couple years ago, sitting down and watching the first pitch get crushed by Dex right to the people in front of us. 1st pitch HR. Happy he got himself a ring, he is a class act.
Brian Chua I expect a cheer from the Cub faithful, if Durant won and left for the Warriors, then the booing by OKC would have been immature Also, Theo didn't even give Fowler a good deal
Matt Cote You put a guy in the spotlight who isn't a superstar because he signed with a rival team? A little overboard. Not like the guy was loyal when he was with the Cubs either.
Jon Zimmerman He not only won't be booed, but he'll probably get a standing ovation. He helped the Cubs win it all and deserved the pay increase that the Cubs simply couldn't afford
Siaka M Cassell He better not get the Durant treatment. He was a vital piece of the championship team. Can't blame him for getting paid! Nonetheless we will miss you Dex!
Drew Joseph Why would you even ask that question? Fowler helped us win a title and went and got a contract he earned. It was just business, he didn't abandon his team like KD.
Jack Farster If it happened to Hayward in St.Louis it's probably going to be the same here.. expecially when he had his own fan club in center field
Brandon Nolan He's a world champion cub! And for that we will always be greatful! Jon Jay and Jason Heyward for fowler? Just throwing it out there lol...
Joseph Nowak He will get a standing ovation. He won't get booed. They did it with Mark DeRosa and all the other popular players that left. We're a classy bunch. He came back and finished the job. Defiantly didn't have to come back to Chicago. But now that he has a ring to his resume and a major contributor for it his value really went up
Brandon Hobbs He took less money and didn't go to Baltimore only to come back home. I hate the Cards, but Fowler is a man above the rivalry. He helped us and led the young guys. Hate to see him go. Wish him luck. Standing O the first AB and when he goes out to the field. Friendly boos after. But we'll cheer for the extra effort he'll give those guys. Just don't win in our yard. Lol.
Brandon Leyba If any Cubs fan think like me, and I assume all of us think alike, he will get a a roaring cheer. He did so much for us on the field and off and left on a fantastic note. The OF was crowded and it didn't make sense for either side to continue business. I really appreciate what he did for us and hope the best for him with the Cards,
Pop Milan Nope... dude deserved to get paid. This is not the same situation anyways. Okc couldn't get past gs and one player in the NBA makes a huge difference versus one player in MLB
Michael Conard As much as it hurts dex left for our rival, we wouldn't have won the World Series without him and he will forever be a legend in our eyes. Definitely won't get the Durant treatment, honestly it'll probably be the polar opposite. I expect a loud standing o in his first AB back.
Michael Andrew Severson As a Cubs fan speaking for all other Cubs fans, no. Dex will receive no hate of any sort. In fact, he will likely receive a standing o. Just watch.
Jim Tracy He is a loved Cub, even though he is with the disgusting Cardinals I will cheer for him (even though I'm a Cub fan). He will be the only cardinal I cheer for.
Colbey Edwards Fowler is not worth anywhere near the amount of cash st louis paid for him, chicago fans should be happy that they wouldnt spend that much. Theo is a smart man, but anyways...#goRANGERS
Jeff Pobuta Standing O his first at bat, then all bets are off. He will be forever loved in Chicago, but he signed with a hated enemy.