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ESPNTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 10:51pm

For the first time since the 1995-98 Chicago Bulls, an NBA team has won 60-plus in three straight seasons.

The Golden State Warriors reached that mark by dispatching a potential playoff foe.

Markeem Ervin We are witnessing greatness but people are to blinded by hate to realize it
Johnny Salazar Don't let this distract you from the fact that the San Antonio Spurs have won 50 + games in 19 out of the last 20 years. The only year they didn't was during 99' the lockout year but they still went on to win their 1st title out of the 5 they have won maybe 6 counting this year. Espn doesn't Respect our great organization but by golly we do. Spurs Nation Stand up. The winnest team in the last 20 years. #Cheis4Seis #GSG
Jeff Vandevoir Tonight the warriors had to beat the refs and the rockets 39 FT vs 16 ft And if anyone has watched almost all games vs Spurs are end of back to back at SAS- in the last 3 years figure that one out
Franklyn Maldonado This success was unexpected. Which makes it more special. Call me a bandwagon or whatever. The Warriors play team ball, non stop cutting, rim protectors like Mcgee who had a monster 3rd qter, great shooting, mid range, defense. There is a reason Durant joined them. I'll be disappointed if the Warriors don't win the championship this year.
Jeffrey Jordan The Warriors beat the Rockets without Durant in Houston. Rockets have no chance against the Warriors in the playoffs.
Jose Arroyo Spurs, Lakers, Celtics, Bulls have been dynasties. Golden State has been a 3 year circus act with only one championship 👋
Chris Jack It's funny how people think GSW would have been done without KD. Look at us right now. We have taken down almost every team so far and even destroyed MVP candidates. Curry is definitely the best PG of this era. He has outperformed Westbrick and even James Larden. When KD comes back, the league will be scared for life. People say Spurs are the last hope but that's not true. Draymond and KD can absolutely shut down Kawhi and Aldridge and Curry can shoot over anyone. When KD comes back, it'll be even scarier. To show proof that Curry destroyed Westbrick and Larden, check out the stats in 2015 and 2016 playoffs. They both got outperformed by Curry. Curry destroyed Harden in 2015 and Westbrick got destroyed in 2016. Curry has always destroyed both of them in the regular season as well. Nothing new. Tbh, Curry, KD, Draymond, and Klay should be MVP candidates. #CurryBestPG #DraymondBestPF #KDBestSF #KlayBestSG
Phil Reilly But does either have a defense like the 1985 bears? Doubtful
Mark Benedetto Yeah but The Bulls won titles 3 times in a row against tougher competition ... these clowns not so much
Noah Montierth But could they beat the 95-96 bulls?
Vin Ven You mean Lebron has never won 60 games 3 straight times?
Jag Boparai Chahal Love em or hate em, that is pretty impressive, especially in the tough western conference.
Chenoth Yongorat but Michael Jordan and the Bulls never choke in the finals.
George Alvarez
Carolyn Baker Rockets, unfortunately great free throw shooting couldn't make up for poor 3 pt. shooting and a slow start. GO 🚀.
Stephen Williams Don't let this distract you from the 3 rings the Bulls won throughout that time period. No hate just facts...
Tommy Taylor The Cavaliers didn't win a Championship during the 95-98 Bulls' reign.
Dan Molden Bulls 6 -0 in the finals. Stop even comparing these pretenders to the GTOAT
Todd Sawyer Everyone wants to talk about how Westbrook shoots 30 shots a night for his triple double but harden went 5/20 🤔
Kevin Nichols Spurs..people..Championship
Jordan Michael Monroy Did they when the championship like the bulls did Everytime NO!
Karpinski Daniel
Christian Marcel Hall
Raf Ael "I'm glad LBJ is struggling right now, he can't beat in my hay day especially in terms of flopping." -Lavar Ball
Cayetano Fernandez That ain't crap! My Lakers won 3 Chips in a row! 3-1 culitos!
ESPNTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 10:29pm

Just a slight height difference. 😂 (Credit: KHQ-TV)

Jon Jesser
Jairo Jair Ramirez You don't even need to say anything to know where this is going. #NaughtyPeople
Joseph Reese ESPN social media guy should not be surprised where this goes
Danny Martinez We're all thinking it.
D.j. Fernandez Well at least she doesn't have to get on her knees, she can do it standing up. What? Don't you dare say you weren't thinking the same
Wilbert Gross
Tony Cottle
Nick Simpson The comments are about to be ruthless 😂
Joel Kresmer Needs Brazzers logo.
Jonathan White Espn bout to ban picture comments
Rob Ferencz And my imagination just ran wild LOL
Brandon Searles We're all thinking the same thing. Don't lie to yourself
Calvan Johnson What the heck is she doing away from the shire?
Kyle Lewis She don't even have to get on her knees
Eldar Mocevic Dino Ajdin "That dude on Gonzaga is one big boy."
Ryan Coman Jr.
TY Connor She's almost a walking headjob to these guys
Nicole Orso Kaitlyn Urciuoli is this how you feel when you stand next to me
Mike Roberts Dre Danny Oscar Solo check out the comments on here
Ryen Mitchell I say this pic is altered. Or she represents the lollipop guild.
James Randall I feel so much better that I'm not the only person that thought this immediately.
Whitney MQuiroz Amy Chavez Chase Gordon You guys and I. #myfavoritetallpeople
Felipe Galvan Alright, we're all thinking it.
David Ian Hockersmith Did anyone ask Jemelle Hill's opinion on this?
Tim Thompson Plus for her she doesn't have to get on her knees
ESPNTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 9:42pm

Hugo the Hornet has your back, Thomas. (via Charlotte Hornets)

Ronen Huang The Hornets should check their own grade for this season. They get a D+
Mac Mitchell Brad's Wife can't afford to go to the Hornet's games anymore.
Joey Parks "Hey Thomas, come stay with me bruh. I'll get you to the NBA." ~LaVar
Phillip Moss This would be the cruelest thing ever if the kid just had a bad teacher. Or a bad exam that brought his grades down. Maybe if the dad spent more money on tutoring instead of tickets......#alternativefacts
Ted Helton Who's raising Thomas the parent or the idiot in the bee suit.
Daniel Drinkall I don't care what anyone says. He is still dad of the year.
Scott Wagoner This just in: The University of North Carolina has just offered Thomas a scholarship...After all, 20 years of fake classes don't go away with a hero taking a bow at "underwater basket weaving" class at 0813 the day after a win against (One and done U).
Jay Montoya Education starts in the home... What's the dad doing there? He should be at home tutoring and helping his kid with his homework! It's a bad reflection on his knuckle head! That's why his kid is flunking, too busy watching over paid grown men play a game... Hahaha. SMH!!!
Julio C Ureña Thomas report card comes in and he goes looking for this post and realizes that the hornet never left his number to call him back at.
Jonathan Reddick Okay I have something to say I have seen Black Dad's do this type of thing to their kids as punishment for having bad grades etc in my option this is counter productive and humiliates the child !
Dennis Spasovski Watching the hornets play should be a punishment, not a reward...
Austin Wagner Now that's a good parent.
Aaron Weiss Jesse where was herky when I couldn't go to the psu game cause of my Spanish grade lol
Samuel Cooper Hornets got smacked tonight like they have all season
Ricky Contreras So if this dad wanted to punish his son he should of gave him Cleveland brown season tickets lol.
Brandon Milburn only a SL cardinals fan would be that mean to their kid.
Daniel Abello JAJAJAJAJA you are not alone little fighter Cristian Briceño
Bruce Bernal prob a good idea not to go to that game vs the spurs! hahah got beatdown BEATDOWN!! GO SPURS GO
Matthew Strader Plot twist: Thomas's dad is Hugo
Robert Hornaday I heard brads wife is a good tutor
Thomas Mattioni I called, the phone just buzzed
Raphael Salazar Go Hornets!
Adam Graff
Chris Watkins That's mad cool 🔥🤘🏾 I like this
Romulus Ramirez Thomas you should really call him! Haha jk
ESPN shared ESPN FC's live video.Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 8:21pm
U.S. Soccer won in emphatic fashion on Friday night. A victory vs. Panama tonight would be a huge boost to their World Cup hopes. Taylor Twellman, Herculez Gomez and Adrian Healey are live previewing the match! For more head to!
Mahtosha Myles yall should joke about butterbean the circus satanic the way where is the boxing arena made by butterbean located at??? butterbean created his own style like bruce lee and by the way butterbean fights like a kidnapper legend...butterbean=1900-the missing in hollywood sports...butterbean is the greek panadora
Esto Serrano When are gonna make America great again and stop acting like we care about soccer ..
Mike Dittmar Is there a different/more comfortable vibe on the team since the coaching change?
Zandy Rizzo How exciting is it to see Nagbe-Dempsey-Pulisic (NDP!!!) again?
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ESPNTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 8:05pm

The U.S. women's national hockey team will participate at the world championships after reaching an agreement with USA Hockey.

Dustin Hawks Where's all the national pride junkies on this one? How dare they boycott against representing their country. Guess you need to be a black QB to get slammed by the public. Sarcasm...for those who don't bother to read beyond my original post.
Shelby Bryniarski So so proud of these ladies! They deserve equitable support from USA Hockey and livable wages. Don't let anyone tell you boycott and protests don't work. #BeBoldForChange
Joseph Torres It's not that it's men against women, it's the fact that there isn't as much money in female sports versus men's sports which is why male athletes get paid more. If you don't like you job then go get a different one.
Brian Hinz Proof again that they did not truely stand by what they want. If they really and truely wanted to be treated as equals they would have boycotted it reguardless. I used to love women sports. I traveled out of state for women us national games. I live less than 30 mins from plymouth. I really doubt i will support them nor many women's teams anymore. Men in women dont deserve equally pay in sports or entertainment you are paid based on popularity. End of story. Notice how i didt say men were more popular because sometime women entertainers are more popular.
Mike Cottos Oh thank god I was so worried about about of woman crying that they get to do what they love. (It's not just woman men do it to, shut up and play the sport or go get an office job)
Ray Lambright Congrats to them. Watched Outside the Lines the other day about this, these ladies owe a lot to the others that passed up on their dreams to play for the US to support the National Team. That unselfish unity balanced the power.
Xavier Meloy I'm sure we can find amazing hockey players who are proud to play for the red white and blue and not complain about money. The only reason men's contracts are bigger is because of network television deals. Start bringing I'm more and you get better wages
Brad Reddig So the question is, what lower level hockey program(s) that USA hockey supports will now suffer because these women feel like playing a 9 day tournament is worth $70,000 a year?!!
Rashard Green Great can't wait to see Kitchen on Ice j/k
Adrian McLeod They were boycotting? Who knew!
Brian Albert Orzel I knew USA Hockey was bluffing. They didn't have any scabs lined up...
Casey Bledsoe So they want higher wages cuz the men's team is highly successful ? We all know there's no other reason.
Josh Kirshenbaum Hailey Robinson dang we just needed your column and a few hours to fix everything
Caleb Robbins because they "deserve more" for no reason and throw a fit after they know exactly how much they make before they signed the contract.
Nick Kishbaugh They will only have to make 3 sandwiches each instead of 5. Great deal ladies!
Steve Curtis I wouldn't mind getting called for hi-sticking and roughing on a few of them.
Blake Isom Haha people would be better off with them boycotting for life. Women sports is garbage.
Donna McGuirt Way to stand your ground ladies!! Back you all the way!! Team USA!!!! 🏒🥅🏒🥅🏒🥅
Keith Roberts There are more comments on this post then there will be people in attendance of their game.
Thomas McCarthy Now the mens team will get a pay raise after the women play in the world championships! Ha
Robert Kenny Thank God! I almost missed my Women's Hockey! #saidnooneever
Jose Serrano My son is the best hockey player in the world. -Lavar Ball.
Nicholas Aaron Holland-Reed I didnt even kno i feel old tryna keep up with world sports
Tom Murphy We have a women's Hockey team?
Dave Johnson Now they can go on and lose to Canada on Friday! Hope not tho.
ESPNTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 8:04pm

This would be his first visit to Gillette Stadium since the Deflategate penalties were handed out.

Ryan Rylander They're trying to fix a broken leg with a band aid. I honestly can't see that bridge being repaired. Most Patriots and Patriots nation won't forget what went on. It's like when somebody screws you over, you might "forgive" them but deep down you still hold on to that grudge.
Reade Stewart It's tradition for the league for the commissioner to attend the season opener for the Super Bowl Champs. As a Patriots fan what's done is done and nothing will never change that. And some day maybe we'll respect the next NFL commissioner.
Eric Piquette As a Pats fan I can guarantee you there will not be a warm welcome...goodell could attend a game at gillette in 50 years and he will still get booed. #weneverforget
Josh Ooa Goodell is as excited as Kraft and wants....needs that up close view to first blowout of the season. I hate to admit it being an ATL fan, but this Pats team could be historic on so many levels.
Michael Rodriguez He's going to be there to hand out a 2 game suspension to Brady for J walking
Bryan Dickerson Oh cool. I was super worried about that. Guess I can go back to watching two girls one cup now.
Mohammad Abunie I hope brady does something really bad so goodel can suspend him for at least 1 year.
Sean Schadegg Kraft should wait til Goodell is about to enter the stadium and tell him that he has been banned for 4 games
Carlos Legrand "Rodger" - Brady your get back at me season was supposed to be last season
Rick Stuart Buffoon dictator drunk with power.Deserves all the animosity he gets.
Jose Serrano My son would make Brady a back up. -Lavar Ball.
Justin Brooks
Mark Georgescu
Jesse Carter
Gary Grazioli He will be crucified by the fans and wish that he were dead
Mark B. Smith another example of his poor judgment
Blake Davis Why is this even news? Garbage.
Egigu Lemma Two Lairs
Austin Pagnozzi Us patriots fans would rather he stay away
VamZoo Thao Facebook now lets you take picture like Snapchat.
Troy Bodie I bet Quinn is shizzing rn
Brian Clasen He's going to bend the knee
Familda Begati That's harassment
Bill Jenkins There good friends behind the scenes
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ESPNTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 7:37pm

Three months too late.

Joey Skelton I literally don't understand how someone could actually make football suck.... Congrats Goodell.
Brandon Lane oh wow. look at that. the Patriots do a legal kick block and someone (Baltimore) complains to the league about it and gets a rule changed. where have we seen this before? oh yeah, 2 years ago with Baltimore
Ben Meyer I really don't get this. If they have the athletic ability to jump over the line than let it be. How is it any different than wide receivers hurdling over guys. Stupid rule change.
Bryan Deyonker That's the whole point in preventing kickers "perfect" season, these fg's are becoming just as pointless as kick offs......if Goodell is still in charge in 2025, change of possessions will just be placed at the 25 yd line and touchdowns will become 7 pts
Rafe Vacca I'm a ravens fan but i say too bad Justin, let em jump. It's so stupid that now you basically have to let the other team score. 90% of failed drives have more to do with sorry offense than good defense. Defense is being written out of the game. You can't touch a guy till he's caught the ball, is in bounds and has taken two steps or its a flag.
Cory Piette Lol. Even as a Ravens fan I'll admit that it's a funny rule. What's funnier, though, are the Pats fans who are blaming the Ravens for the rule change when the Eagles requested it.
Chris Williams So why have the defense on the field at all? You can't touch a reciever. You can't touch the quarterback. C'mon man. Pretty soon Goodell is gonna have pro football a non contact sport
Jordan Hall I literally would have won my fantasy league. Lol. Lost by less than a point due to the missed field goal. Outscored everyone in my league the remainder of the playoffs.
Brett Kimmel ravens fan, and i still think this rule is killing the game, if you're athletic enough to do this, do it lol
Shawn Turner Once that happened I thought to myself.... well here comes another rule change
Ricky Schrombeck Done with buying anything to do with the NFL, until they stop trying to turn this sport into a sissyfest. Just gonna keep up with the scores I guess.
Aaron Double-a Davis Wats the point of even having the other team play defense on the PAT try or FG attempts now?
Leonard Sheffield This is so dumb...the jump blocks are fun and unexpected.
Jesse Carter Its not about safety. A defender jumping over a linemen is no different than a RB leaping over a defender. They ruining the game.
David Lawrence Plank I'm a Ravens fan... and as much as it killed me to see that kick get blocked, I loved the athleticism it took for it to happen.
Mitch Groessl First an official would have to call it. Then it would have to survive the review in New York
Lauren Pleska The NFL where nothing that could possibly excite fans is allowed to stand.
Boston Shaw Enough with the rules, already! Let em friggen play 🤦‍♂️
Rene Salvador DeBlanc It would have saved the Saints too for a game at least. Maybe two because I think more than one team did it to them
Brandon Bodnar So if someone does do it, the team gets to retry the FG? What's the repercussion of this rule?
Alexander Rebelle Yeah, because that was the most important thing the Ravens had to worry about.
Steven Winant If the XFL had this it would still be around.
Nathan Legg Can I sign up for this 2 hand touch league so I can make a few million bucks a year?
Eric Acosta No fun League strikes again Goodell is literally making the game unwatchable
Rick Stuart No way.Ruining the game,killing athletic prowess.What next?-no blocked anything.such crap.
ESPNTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 7:15pm

1. San Antonio Spurs
2-29. ???
30. New York Knicks

Dale Burley So agree!! And as a long suffering Knicks fan I don't see it changing anytime soon. Not when the principal owner cares far more about his revenues from the regional Cablevision, than putting an attractive NBA franchise in the media capital on the floor. Those of us who actually remember the last Knicks championship team ('73) are NOT going to be around 40+ years from now.
Malyk McGill I'm a Charlotte native and I can tell you the Hornets are one of the worst in the NBA. They draft horrible every single year and the team doesn't really have a identity. I'm not a fan of the tweener big men either the PF/C Frank Kaminsky and Cody Zeller idk about those guys nothing stands out about their game. With a guard like Kemba Walker you need a rebounding Center.
George Oliver Sneed Jr The Knicks are 32! Phil Jackson sucks and is ruining my Knicks.
Will Campbell Nah, I think the Kings are still worse than the Knicks; we're 28 at least
Hugo Deleon LOL The Cavs are ranked 6th best front office??? 😂😂😂😂 WOW.
Ross Campbell Knew the Bulls would be far down the list. They need to clean house the entire front office badly
Daryle Banfield Lmaoooo Fernando Medina the knicks are such a phenemonal organization!
Dan Frank Why are the cavs always rated so high? Outside of LeBron, they have done HORRIBLE in just about every decision possible.
Matt Maciej Niemczyk As a Knicks fan I see why espn always hates the Knicks.. but unfortunately ESPN is right this time.. Knicks suck!
Will Farber Henry Toth of course the bulls have the worst front office ESPN is tweaking
Tyquan Tq Knicks worst than King?
Larry Baum Sal Trapani go Knicks amirite?
Rob Favilla Hey espn where is your front office ranked? Lol
Governor Dasent Knicks have been the worst since 99' smh
Mike Taylor No way the Suns are ranked this high.
Devon Michael LeSure What have the Raptors ever done to deserve a top 10 rating ?
Jacqueline Thomas SPURS NUMBER ONE Tom Rumpff
Norman Cruz RC Buford Knows The Drill!.. #GoSpursGo
John Michael Brookhart NUGGETS AT 16!? 😂😂😂 That is incredibly generous...
Kristopher Rainwater #6 - Lebron James* Fixed it for y'all
Rohan Qureshi Bulls should also be last
Rohan Qureshi #FireGARPAX
Justin Jackman Celtics number 3 🍀🍀🍀
Eddie Ebewo YOOOO IM IN teeeaaaaarrrrrssss
Rob Pippen Owner gm and coach lebron at number 6 impressive
ESPN shared NFL on ESPN's post.Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 5:59pm
Jason Privara Remind me again why our taxes go to stadium cost for one of the most profitable franchises in the country? Why does the NFL need our money? It's a terrible investment of the taxpayer dollar.
Danny Ezell Doesn't anyone else see the problem here? Taxpayer dollars and the majority of tax payers can't afford to go to a game? Why oh why ? Have we really gotten so stupid as a society?
Kevan Mathy Way to find the money vegas. Think you could have found some $$ to keep a school open for at risk students? Nice to see you have your priorities in order
Tim Stolle "Two decade blitz" If the situation in St Louis is any indication, a 20 year old stadium can be "too old". With that logic, there should be a new stadium under construction every year. So no, it won't ever be "coming to an end"
Dave LaFleche Shame on the NFL and politicians for lobbying for our tax dollars to go towards stadiums when the NFL doesn't even pay taxes and is considered "non profit". Sorry veterans and homeless. You can sleep on park benches so new stadiums can be built. How do these people even sleep at night.
Tony Harkins The reason I seldom watch the NFL. After observing the cost to all TN taxpayers to bring the Titans to Nashville I doubt there could be a timely return on that kind of investment. After seeing this figure I doubt I'll watch at all.
Brian Young Which is why I won't be visiting Las Vegas anytime soon. Their tax is coming from hotels. So it will be us tourists, not the locals, funding their ridiculous stadium.
Tun-Tun Tunner Hernandez And yet they can't find a solution for CTE for life after football and yet the moron of the commissioner gladly pockets 35million of our money 💰 like nothing but hey that's 🐸☕️
Michael J. Newton The Raiders in Las Vegas makes no sense. When I think about the Raiders, I think about NWA, not Siegfried and Roy!!!! I could have seen the Chargers or Rams going to Vegas. But the Raiders? Come on, man!!!
Brad Onstott Cities need ti STOP funding ALL facilities. This has gotten past stupid, which makes you wonder about the mental capacities of the people approving this garbage..............
Stephen Berg $6.7 billion in public money because they can't afford to build their own stadiums so make ticket prices that regular joes cant afford to watch a game.
Chris Cox Isn't the NFL considered a nonprofit organization? I think that the NFL should be paying taxes if they don't.
Rendon Dominguez It's mind-boggling to me that taxpayer dollars go to NFL stadiums ... someone explain the logic of that to me ...
Dave Schoss It's all greed, played off by owners as needing a "more competitive stadium deal". Teams already making money hand over fist via national TV deal. every team makes money, regardless of their stadium situation. Salaries always in line with hard cap. Every team profitable. Basically they just want to make more money, and tax payers keep paying.
Kim Young Sorry for the Working class taxpayers of Nevada , you have been screwed over !
Tyler Johns If that's being paid with tax money we better get season tickets for one season 50 yard line
Kevin Bryan No thanks to Roger Goodell, himself. Probably the worst commissioner ever.
Brandon Jones You all obviously don't understand the amount of revenue a professional stadium generates for a city.
Cornell Murphy Never mind the re-locations, loyal fans and the outlandish costs !!!
Eric Pothier Last private stadium with no PSL's?? New England Patriots..
Jay Green Roger Goodell is a puppet for the owners . He has been a disgrace to the NFL
Michael Luu Except for one right? - The Los Angeles Chargers that LA doesn't actually want
Lee Chapin It's easy to be stable with someone else's money, which is why I hate Goodell and the NFL.
Austin Wagner
Ryan Coman Jr. Don't let this distract you from the truth behind the match at WrestleMania between AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon
ESPNTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 5:51pm

"I think he's a starting quarterback in the NFL."

Matt Kolarczyk What an inspiring picture to use for this article ESPN 😂
Anna Elizabeth Dudley Is it just me, or does he look high? 😂 If you're trying to sell his case, you should have picked a better picture. Just sayin'.
Dan Schnapp "I think he's a starting quarterback in the NFL" -Lavar Ball
Joe Brian Great picture. Just needs the cigarette in his mouth.
Jackie Moon That's probably the happiest pic they have of him.. I thought him leaving the Bears would be a great day.. Then find out we replace him with Mike Glennon and Sanchez.. That's my face everytime I think of the Bears.
John Markus Could they have picked a worse picture? Then again he does look the same in every picture...angsty, strung-out and hoping for his next cigarette.
Anthony Patterson Just look at this guy. He has the absolute worst body posture/frown/attitude and whatever a person can have that don't care. At least he's getting paid though. Can't be mad a that.
Rish Tanna The absolute perfect photo ESPN found to support their headline. He has plenty of picks to offer I'm sure.
Marc Mclendon He doesn't wanna play in Chicago anymore. Its Carson palmer all over again. Aside from him looking like a drunk bum in this picture. He can still play
Jon Cooper He looks like he's dying in this picture. Nice choice for a picture ESPN could've done one where he was passing the football or something.
David Ruffner Honestly if the Browns don't want Osweiler. They should go to Cutler. I mean why not honestly plus I don't know how their relationship was but he could help recruit Jeffery next yr so the Browns can get a real number 1
Justin Shenkel If you guys wanted to, you could've used a much more flattering picture of him. It's hilarious that you CHOSE this one. Lol
Austin Wardlow I would never build a team around him. At least Kaepernick plays his heart out when he's on the field unlike Jay I don't care about anyone Cutler
James Addison Pierce Lmao, this is joke. This man might have a job, but Kaep is stuck at home watching career back-ups like Mike Glennon get paid?
Robert Santostasi As a Chicago bears fan...I thought he did too...but watching his expressions and play on the field...he stopped caring
Scott Shepherd Why does Jay Cutler always look like he's either really tired or on something, or maybe both?Not a very good picture of him, that's for sure.
Chris Teynor Sigh so many Kap supporters get triggered easily lol. Anyways, Cutler is still a better option then Kapernick when it comes to being picked up as a backup. Kap is a one hit wonder and has yet to improve any of the flaws he has and has a very limited skill set.
Kalin Sokell He is a starter. ...remember last year they were writing stories on how Cutler was back and good? Then new after just ONE BAD season after that they write him off! :(
Ian Black
Wale Williams Gase should do stand up during the off-season b/c he's funny as hell
Gerardo Villa He's exactly what you're looking for if you want your team to go 5-11 every season.
Paul Taylor I'm sorry but how amhave the 49ers or browns not signed him? Even the Texans!
Grant Higbee Bears all time leader is passing yards and passing TDs. He's much better than people give him credit for.
Dan Hatfield Cutler looks like he stays up all night drinking, smoking cigs, and shooting heroine....
Aaron Cord In this pic he looks more like Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas than an NFL starting quarterback
ESPNTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 5:19pm

Commissioner Adam Silver believes women will be head coaches in the NBA sooner rather than later.

Jean Michel Duval Why am I benched coach? Ugh I don't wanna talk about it.
Jason Sherman No superstar making MAX money is going to listen to a female coach. First sign of an argument someone will call her a 'female dog' and have to issue an apology the next day
Sandra Perez Although I would hate to see her leave the Spurs, Becky Hammon will be the first!!! She's amazing and respected by her team!!!
Ian Leaupepe Y'all can joke all you like, but Pat Summit has over 1000 wins in her NCAA coaching career. There are only 6 coaches across men and women's college basketball (4 male and 2 female) that passed 1k and across both boards, she sits 3rd behind Harry Statham and Mike Krzyzewski.
Dave McDowell When something like this comes up, I always wonder "Are you actually interested in diversity or are you just trying to hit some diversity quota?" For Adam Silver, I'm almost certain it's the latter.
Adrian McLeod Female coaches wouldn't even get D1 recruits lol they didn't respect David blatt but they'll respect a female coach OK. Becky hammon coached summer league one year and I think that was enough
Chris Hall Not a fan of Adam at all. But hes absolutely right. If a person is good enough to coach a team then who cares about gender.
Gavin Keever I'm not being sexist by any means with this comment and nor am I against women in any way but this is a mans league, it's just weird to think of a women as a head coach, I don't think that men should be allowed to coach WMBA game either, it's just weird, they're two leagues, one for each gender (which there's only two of btw) if we're going to do this why not just make one big league?!
Katie Higareda Loete And once again, an ESPN article about women in sports doesn't fail to bring out the sexist fans. You don't have to like it or even believe it will happen, but some of the reasons why and other comments are exactly why we need feminism. Don't some of you have daughters? What if her dream is to be a head coach in a male league? Are you gonna tell her she'd be a better sandwich maker?
David Hopar Sepanyan I'm still waiting for a Juwanna Mann situation where a 6'6 athlete with hops turns into a chic and they have to let him/her in the wnba since they are SJW And Juwanna will proceed to average 50 points a game and dunk on everyone and it will put the sjw league and fans in a pickle cuz they won't know how to handle the situation. Admit that there IS an unfair advantage to male gender in sports in a woman's league or let Juwanna run rampant and destroy everyone for 'equality' sake
Anthony Gibb A group of top athletes in the world, who are all alpha males, who talk like sailors and walk around the locker room stark naked, being coached by a female? Not that a female wouldn't be capable of being a really good X's and O's coach and understanding the game, but you mix in the things I mentioned above and there's no way it works.
Cody Peck Can you imagine Lebron having a female head coach? Or someone like Demarcus cousins? Just doesn't seem possible. I would be shocked. Why do they need this anyways? It's fine just how it is
Jerry Strubeck The proving ground for NBA coaches has historically been from the NBA player ranks and/or years or even decades as an NBA or international professional league assistant coach. Using that model I see the top woman coach working as an assistant for just as long before being offered an opportunity should she be the best qualified for the position. Maybe woman coaches will bring defense back to the 3/4 of the NBA teams that don't play that side of the ball.
Rashaun Williams She'll coach the spurs. Basically pop will condition the players to listen to becky as head coach and eventually they'll accept her authority. Like. It'll happen yes. Girl playing in the NBA no, but coaching? Pop of SAS can make it happen
Keon Young If there basketball iq is great I don't see why not, if you know the game you would be a great coach, some guys played basketball but still don't know anything about it, a lot of girls. Could talk bball waaaay better than a lot of guys
Mark Popejoy I'm shocked at the number of misogynistic comments when it comes to a woman's opportunity to do a job she's qualified for. There's no reason a woman shouldn't be given the opportunity and even the possibility of succeeding. It's disheartening to say the least to see such sexist comments being made. The same thing a lot of you negative people are saying, are the same thing that were said about Jackie Robinson. "No one is going to take them seriously." "What's next? A man in the WNBA?" Simple minded people will always dumb theirselves down to make them feel better.
Jason Waterfalls Why not? If she knows the X's and O's and can teach her team to move the ball and score there's no reason not to have a female head coach. The question is whether or not she'll demand respect as a coach. And that's not a woman thing, I see a lot of college coaches with all the talent in the world who can't get through to a players (Pastner and Rice come to mind)
Aaron Wagoner All Becky Hammond will get is an interview. That's a big step. But unless the players, front office, and fans go all in for a long time that won't happen. You can't try this, you have to stick to it. A firing after one year or even two would look terrible, media firestorm. When Pop retires I bet they go with a transitional coach which will not be her.
Christopher Bacon Hey, what you listening to? -Female Coach. Ah you know, Too Short, NWA, Jay Z, Nelly, Snoop, Dre. You know singers that value woman and put them on a pedestal in their music. -Player. Oh...-Female coach
Jason Lee It's 2017 and there's still such animosity and doubt towards the opposite gender performing well in a male dominated position. What is wrong with humanity...
Mark Rupert You haven't even seen a male woman's basketball coach brought into the NBA. How has some team not at least tried to bring in Auriemma.
Kennan Rue I don't see why it couldn't happen. Given the right girl. But lets see if a woman can win on the college level first. I just imagine some female version of Bob knight/Bob Huggins could really do well as a ncaa coach haha
Anthony Gomez Not like it's been a rule saying they couldn't coach. If there hasn't been by now then don't you think it's because they're not as qualified as their male counterpart. Why say this statement like regardless of qualification I'll make it happen. Let it happen and don't force it
Brian Quisenberry I always thought Pat Summit would've been an extremely succeeding men's college basketball coach if she had been given the opportunity!
Cory Peterson Certainly not against the idea, but in a league were the stars basically have the power to fire coaches, it would have to take the right organizational structure and players to make it work.
ESPNTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 4:30pm

"It's a delicate time right now for our team. ... We've got a couple guys that's shown leadership, some guys that's been in the fray before that's giving their opinions."

Ryan Townsend Gotta love LeBron, flexes after a breakaway dunk but also has the versatility to be the frailest person in the world. Dude's like Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable
Jeremy Strause Delicate? You mean falling on the court and slowly dying from a love tap?
Michael Myers Surprised LBJ ain't sound like Mike Tyson " I broke my back" (interviewer) what you mean how ?(LBJ) Spinal I broke my back Spinal (Tyson voice) 😂😂😂😂
Bob Dlegado
Marcus Napolian Smith This team has always been in a delicate state!The only reason the Cavs won last year is because of a depleted eastern conference and the fact that the Warriors best player got suspended.Btw Lebron,your reaction time on that neck flop last night took a little bit too long!You should have went the ol AC flop like u did when the Spurs annihilated u in the finals!
Ricky Rodriguez Oh so is this where we hear him cry that he needs "more help"??Gtfoh, LeBron basically picked this team. Not directly but with subliminal messages through the media! Don't feel sorry for him at all!
Jag Boparai Chahal Lebron getting so much hate on here. Honestly, I'd flop too out of sheer embarrassment with how the rest of my team is playing and to just get tf off the court. He is a one man show.
Shannon Glover It's over no defensive inside presence, no real pg, terrible offensive strategy, too much isolation ball with every body standing around, and finally to short in the front court!
Omar Nava Yeah and faking an injury to leave the game cause you're getting blown out is not how you fix it. Man up and take the L.
Joseph Geraci I remember when they all cried in Miami his first year, when Bulls actually had a team and kicked his butt....then the playoffs he was ok. Sandbagger lol
Brad Genovese I'm just worried about when I can customize some Lebron 14s on NIKEid because it's been like 4 months and they still won't let you customize them😒
Joshua Langlois Jonathan Adams and this guy thinks he could be a top receiver in the NFL!!! I'd love to see a top corner or safety put a brutal hit on him going full speed
Anthony Alderman If they paid me what they pay him they could knock me around all over the court! Get over it you big baby! As big and strong as he is he should be able to handle any kind of punishment.
Joshua Miles It was just a stinger. Relaxxx. The elbow is the one of the most rigid parts on the body and hitting the right pressure point can cause a reaction like that. I've had happened to me and thought I was about to die.
Bill Rogers Delicate as in him laying on the ground acting like he just received a career ending injury while his team is getting obliterated? Or delicate because every time the team struggles he says they need more players? He's one of the best players ever but imagine if he had the mentality of Jordan, Kobe, or even Westbrook??
Jace Da Ace Yep, the Western Conference is winning the Championship this year!!! You know, it could be the Spurs vs the Celtics in the Finals...
Franklyn Maldonado This is the goat lol. Embarrassing. This is the worse superstar to ever live.
Diego Prado Make your jokes now, LeBron will be having the last laugh in june
Justin Michael Perry Mess with the best and die like the rest. Spurs gonna be hanging up banner #6 come June!
Mike Poland ESPN ya'll suck.Every show is the same topics with different peoples opinions, it be nice if you talked about more than the same 4 or 5 teams in each sport,and don't get me started on SC6.
Chase Williams I just saw a hockey player get his throat sliced and try to keep playing. That must have been one hard elbow lmao
JoeJoe Scruggs Bout as delicate as that elbow was to your back that made you "injured".
Karpinski Daniel Has he gotten up from that devastating macho man elbow that David Lee hit him with? It was vicious.
Kurt Snedeker My thoughts and prayers go out to LeBron and the Cavs during this very difficult time... #pray for LBJ
Robb Perez Flopping, whining, crying for help...Bron Bron's act is tired.