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Country Music NationSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 5:00pm

Korey and Sharon decided to keep their baby's gender a secret from everyone. They also left out one other vital piece of information. When Sharon's mom headed to the hospital to meet her new grandbaby, she brought a pink balloon and blue balloon, just to...

Debi Miller Please tell me what it was, mine gets going off
Shannon McKeown Amazing babies.. They are blessed beyond measure.
Jodi Blomer Awesome!!!
Iris Danyluk that must have been the best surprise ever for that family
Desiree Kelly This was awesome
Karen Sullivan How much joy in small packages!
Dorothy Brand AWESOME 💕
Darlene Cobb wow..awesome
Carole Mascarini Priceless! So Beautiful!
Rebecca Johnson Perfection
Michelle Jones Love this
Michelle Lajoie Danielle Lajoie LeBlanc Marie Thérèse Lajoie
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Country Music NationSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 4:30pm

We could watch this over, and over, and over, and over...

Susan Barrett Giant grizzly? Most likely a young cinnamon colored black bear ... They are all over the place here in Colorado.
Karen Lewis Cannon LMAO giant grizzly? It's a young bear probably not much more then a year old. By the shape of its head and ears I would say it's a black bear which are quite often brown. If it was a full grown Grizzly that guy would be dead that's one critter you don't want to surprise! They tend to stick to the deep woods and mountains not likely a grizzly would wonder into a suburb unless you live in Alaska or the mountains of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho or upper Washington state about the only places their found anymore in the US.
David H. Smith It's a cub, No wonder it was frightened.. Lucky mommy grizzly wasn't near.
Jacqueline Shoemaker That baby was more scared of the guy than that guy probably was.
Mark Butcher Happened to me at work, only it was a coyote. That building went unchecked!
Kathy Frost It's cute, but the article calls this a giant grizzly bear? :)
Kayla Karnes Well idk about giant grizzly bear.... maybe a small blonde black bear lol
Kathleen Rigney What's funny. I would have fell down with a stroke or at the very least had messy pants. Lol
Daughn Lockwood Winans How. Would someone know that this was going to happen and take a picture ??
Mari Donohue This has been my fear at night.
Jeani Camp Bet its cute but My Kindle will not play it...:))
Betty Enderle Wonder who was doing the video???
Debbie Betzing Yes way too funny
Susan Jarvis Who is filming this video?
Mark Taylor Thats great
Christine Traylor Amber Smallwood it's a bear!
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Country Music NationSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 3:00pm

Merle would be so proud...

Patricia Moore Wow I know Merle was proud of him and he does sound a little like him but this Man also has his own sound which is great makes me want to curl up in front of a fireplace for hours in the same room
Martha Ann Seabaugh Wow. What a voice. I would love to hear him with Merle's band behind him.
Cheryl Teller Deja Vu...could listen all day.
Betty Jo Schwind Your voice is a gift!
Dave-Virg Tervola Haggard lives on! Thank you!
Betty Culliver-Puckett Wow!
Elaine Strickland Merle would be proud!
Debbie Betzing Yes absolutely
Jo Bashaw Well here go again !! He sounds like his daddy
Pauline Depatie Beautiful voice
Cindy LaChapelle He should whoop Noah.
Nancy Millard My daughter went to school with Ben.
Emma Lou Adkins Love him
Sue Madigan
Inez McGinnis WOW
Elsa Newsome Trey Steward Taylor D. Steward
Elsa Newsome Alfred Senteno
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Country Music NationSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 2:00pm

Duncan and Debra Lawrence decided to sell their huge 4-bedroom home and move their children into a 65-foot narrowboat. It looks small on the outside, but when he shows the inside — unbelievable!

Jan Fuger Are the kids home schooled? That place isn't big enough to change your mind in.
Dana Ferrell I think I could do that
Dannis Gail Arledge Saw boats like that in Amsterdam and very nice! g
Jessica Hill This is something that Lucas and I want to do.
Renee Schulenburg Love it
Carol Parker Or become missionaries somewhere.
Angie Courville COOL
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Country Music NationSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 1:00pm

Do y'all remember this line dance?

Mary Jo Harris Good moves for whatever he was doing. But it sure wasn't the line dancing we did in the 70-80's.
Wanda McNolty Awesome movie. Every time I watch it, I cry.
Marylyn Duckwiler wonderful movie
Shirley Peyton Rachels Lindsay Alford
Brian Vaughn Yes awesome movie.
Shirley Palmieri Yes
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Country Music NationSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 12:00pm

These two are endless laughs!

Cliff Garrison Peter, Paul and Mary had this song out, back in the 60's.
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Country Music NationSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 11:30am

This disease is so common, but almost no one has ever heard of it. Everyone should read this.

Charles Gitchell Jr Hahahahaha It will take time but if my dionosis is right then and depends how bad they are it wil take a few years or more under 24hr opservation because it seam there not educated to do the right thing?
Marjory Gray Busby found something that works, tried it for poor circulation in my legs, Krill w/ Fish oil, but make sure it is taken on a full stomach, will take about a month but works great
Kimberly Deaver McNutt Does anyone else have any other autoimmune diseases with it? I have RA with it.
Nancy Cole I have had it off and on for many years just a couple weeks ago matter of fact. Sometimes they hurt .
Judy Holzer Just hands are icy
Sharon Ann Terfehn I had it ----NotFun !!!!!!!
Danielle Claassen Justine Hudak uhh... Doesn't this happen to you
Tammy Solley I have it and it's no joke
Larry Rhonda Wangen My daughter has this
Jo-Ann Mack Ok
Melanie Entler Colley My son has this
Barb Gallagher I have it don't want it no more
June Whitehead Heather Rae..sound familiar.
Malcolm Eskelson Been living with it for 20 plus years
Mary Symes Bree
Andrea Kichi Pollice Antonietta Riley
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Country Music NationSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 11:00am

This never fails to make us cry.

Cheryl Pacola Love this song. Can't listen to it because it was played at my mom's funeral
Melissa Placer Miss my brother and the love of my life my husband 😥
Laura Johnson Had forgotten about this song. Glad you brought it back.
Letitia Craft Think of my mom when I here this song. Miss you sooo much. Love you in heaven.💞
Cindy LaChapelle love that song
Momo Saber I love Patty, have lots of her music in my collection.
Carol Nelson Graf Me too!
Lani Milas Where has Patty been? Love her voice and music :)
Tiffany Adams Such a powerful song
Judi Vinson this is truly an awesome song...
Darla Enbysk She's great!
Misty Dawn Brunjes Beautiful song ❤
Richard Sykes Nice
Geneva Jackson Love that song
Rosa Worsley That is for sure
Theresa Paladin Breaks my heart everytime i hear it
Pauline Forsha She sings beautiful
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Country Music NationSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 10:00am

This is lovely!

Becky Christensen Angell My grandmother would play this on the organ while I sat next to her. We would sing together! Such a beautiful memory for me. The Osmonds are also some of the nicest people you will ever meet!
Dana Lybrand So natural looking, compared to what she looks like now. At the start, Marie was very into natural cosmetics, even having her own line of makeup and skincare. I remember that.
Theresa Brewer I loved this song. I was about 12 when I got it on 8 track and wore that 8 track out
Linda Sophia Thrasher One of my favorite songs ever,i war that record out, I still love Marie Osmond
RosaMary Lopez I loved this song! I still like it!
Yvonne Hendricks Paper roses was one of my dad's favorite
Cindy LaChapelle like
Dolores Cohill My favorite song
Sherrin Hartfree Still have the album!
Cheryl Morgareidge My first 8 track ever!
Donna Froggy Servidio God I hated this song
Barb Reese Loved that song !
Beverly Mapp Remember this song!!
Sandy Roland Duerstein Love it.
Paul Krise Very good singer
Brian King Fred Broussard
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Country Music NationSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 8:00am

Barbara and John enjoyed a beautiful wedding, and it wasn't long before they started to grow their family. One day, Barbara woke up and saw John — the same man who greeted her every morning for the last 12 years. But when he kissed her,...

Mary Belloma Shondel Bless you all and hope that you all have a wonderful life together!💕
Karen Moyer An amazing love story and the way every husband and wife should be
Diane K. Carr I like this story it shows how he honors the vows of in sickness and health and for better for worse.
Marie Desrochers wonderful story
Ida Bradley Beautiful story!
Denise Cimini Beautiful story congratulations to you and your family
Sally Vance What a beautiful love story!!
Louanne Ware BEAUTIFUL
Maryanne Boccuzzio Herman Hmmm A Walk In ?!?!?!
Rosemary Emily Wow wonderful story
Mary Helmer Rachel Helmer-Vaughn