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Amie Pollard

Morning Show Host – Reality TV Cast….Country Radio Morning Show Host in Dothan, Alabama. I love to entertain and I found a way to talk and get paid for it!! My ultimate career goal is to have my own national day time tv talk show! I Love deer and turkey huntin! Camo is my favorite color…I love the Crimson Tide…Roll Tide Roll! I love my 4wheel drive pick up truck, my tractor and my shotguns! Confident, Fun and Unpredictable…what you see is what you get! Southern and Proud of it!! The outdoors is where I love to be the most….beach, lake, deer and turkey woods. It doesn’t really matter what I’m doin just as long as it’s with friends or family. I love spending time with my family…my children are my heart! To say that I’m competitive is really under estimating me…..I hate to lose…. period. That means at everything! Since I am unpredictable, it’s fair to say if you are gonna hang with me….hold on tight! I’m very opinionated and goal oriented! I don’t have room for negativity or people who try to bring me down. I love “nay” sayers and people who try to tell me that I can’t do something….they motivate the heck out of me to prove em’ wrong! One more thing….Country is not where you live…it’s how you live…and trust me, I’m way proud of it!!

Dave Gilligan

“On the air” since 1979, Wiregrass native Dave Gilligan brings tremendous energy and passion weekdays presenting the hottest Hot Country! Second only to his family our afternoon drive host loves Community Theater and Frisbee. Dave is also the Production Director for Wiregrass Radio.

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